Hello Georgia Swimming parents!

We here at Georgia Swimming know that you are a huge part of our LSC, and your incredible support of your athlete is extremely appreciated. Because you do so much for your athletes and clubs, we decided to create and put together some resources for our parents! We also understand you have questions or concerns, and we are here to help you the best way we can. Being a parent of a swimmer isn't always easy. What do they need to wear? What should they eat? These are questions we want to help with! USA Swimming helps us provide great insight that we think can help.

Is My Tech Suit-Able?

Every championship season we get at least 10 or more emails asking about tech suits for those that are 12 and under. Thankfully USA Swimming created a great article to check out.

Tech Suit Restrictions for 12 and Under


Have Questions About Safe Sport?

Safe Sport is now an intrigual part of swimming and it helps keep our athletes, coaches, volunteers, and officials safe at all times. It certainly can be tricky to know what you can, and can't do, so hopefully we can help!

We also know that parents want their child to be in a safe and cultivating environment 

Talking With Parents About Safe Sport

Parents on the "Sidelines" & How to Parent a Swimmer

Parents are a HUGE reason why our LSC and our athletes are so successful. You guys drive everywhere, pack the best snacks, volunteer, and cheer the loudest for your swimmers! We certainly could not be more grateful to have parents in our membership. However, sometimes it is hard being a parent and knowing what is beneficial for your swimmer, or maybe harmful for your swimmer. It is important to understand what sideline coaching is and what the best cheering style is. We all want the best for your athlete, just like you do! USA Swimming and Georgia Swimming wants parents to be informed, offered resources, and supported like our athletes.

Why It's Important to Avoid Tension on the Sideline - USA Swimming

To Push or Not to Push - USA Swimming

Successful Sports Parenting - USA Swimming

5 Things for Parents to Avoid When Cultivating Grit - USA Swimming

How can I become an Official?

If you would like to know more about becoming an official, please email Clarice Wasmuth at [email protected]