Utah Swimming Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

What’s available??

USA Swimming Outreach membership:

Utah Swimming offers a USA Swimming Outreach Membership for athletes that meet the criteria listed below. The cost is $7 a year. If your swimmer qualifies for one of the following programs, they are eligible for the outreach membership.

  • Free or reduced lunch
  • 125% of Federal Poverty Guideline
  • Medicaid
  • CHIP
  • WIC
  • Disability
  • Special circumstances

Read the Outreach Program Step by Step document here for detailed instructions.  

Registration Instructions for teams can be found on the registration page.

Utah Swimming Meet Fee Waiver program:

If your swimmer is registered as an Outreach athlete they are eligible for the Utah Swimming meet fee waiver program.

This program allows your swimmer to have their meet fees waived for two meets during short course season and two meets during long course. All of their championship meet fees are also waived.

What you need to do to:

  1. Swimmer must be on USA Swimming Outreach Membership
  2. Fill out meet fee waiver application found below
  3. Turn in application to Utah Swimming DEI Chair

Read the Outreach Program Step by Step document for detailed instructions.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Swim Camps:

Purpose of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion camps: Bring together leaders, motivators, and those swimmers that want to make a difference in their sport; changing the face of USA Swimming. There are three different DEI camps.

Local camp: Utah Swimming hosts an annual swim camp for athletes that represent a population in swimming that is underrepresented.

Zone camp: Every two years the Western Zone hosts a DEI Select Swim Camp. At least two athletes from Utah are selected to attend.

National camp: USA Swimming hosts a DEI select camp annually. Information can be found on the USA Swimming website.

Contact the Utah Swimming D&I Chair with questions.

Heather Hale

Utah Swimming Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Chair

[email protected]


For more information on the anti discrimination policy see article 304 in the USA 2021 Rulebook


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