100% Certified Coach Clubs

GREAT COACHING is one thing that sets USA Swimming clubs apart from the many other activities available for kids. USA Swimming requires all coach members to certify and regularly re-certify in several different areas. See the USA Swimming Coach Requirements Checklist for more information.

The following Utah Swimming Clubs have 100% of those who registered as coaches current in all the above certifications as of February 29, 2020.


Brigham Young Utah Valley Rays
Park City Swimming
Cottonwood Heights Aquatics
Cedar Swim Club
Barracuda Aquatics
Eagle Aquatic Team
Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team
Kearns Youth Aquatic Team
Lehi Aquatics
Life Time Swim Utah
Olympus Aquatics
Piranha Swimming
Pirate Swim Club
Salt Lake Swim Legends
Layton Surfers
West Valley Aquatics




USA Swimming Coach Membership information and links: www.usaswimming.org/coachmember