HOD will be Saturday, Oct 23 

UPDATE: Check in/breakfast @7:00 am  Start time 7:30 am

UTAH SWIMMING INC will be holding its annual House of Delegates meeting live and or virtually this year.  Due to electronic voting platform, additional time is needed for setup.  Please help us out by submitting your teams delegate information.  Each team should provide the names and contact info for 3 voting delegates, Coach, athlete and non-coach member. Delegates will receive HOD materials and be added to the voting platform prior the HOD meeting.

All UTSI member swim teams/clubs should submit their 3 voting delegates info to Serena Werner Secretary of UTSI on the Google forms https://forms.gle/vbuFSz8krNiVWiBj7 no later than Thursday, Sept 30.  This will ensure the delegates receive HOD related materials in a timely manner and are added to the voting platform. 

In addition to email notifications, materials may be available on this page.  Check back often.

Non voting members may also attend HOD.  Please submit names and emails to [email protected]

Questions can be submitted to Serena at [email protected]


2021 HOD Agenda

2020 HOD Draft Minutes for Approval

UT Bylaws Draft


2021 Financial Report

2021 General Chair Report

2022 Proposed Budget