Position Name Phone Email First Term Elected/ Term Length
Non-Athlete Dennis Tesch 801-897-6787 [email protected] 2020-3 years
Non-Athlete Yolanda Bates 801-400-9480 [email protected] 2020-3 years appointed 2022
Non-Athlete Adam Caldwell 801-699-3735 [email protected] 2020-2 years
Non-Athlete Lonn Johnson   [email protected] 2020-2 years
Athlete Rhys Winter   [email protected] 2020-3 years
Alternate Non-Athlete Vacant     2020-2 year
Alternate Athlete Rachel Butler   [email protected] 2020-2 year




UTSI has established the Administrative Review Board to hear complaints and appeals regarding administrative matters within UTSI which do not rise to the level of Code of Conduct violations and are not appeals of sanction decisions. The Administrative Review Board shall have no jurisdiction to hear complaints regarding conduct that may violate the USA Swimming Code of Conduct or otherwise violate the policies, procedures, rules and regulations adopted by USA Swimming, or conduct that may bring USA Swimming, UTSI or the sport of swimming into disrepute.


updated: 7/8/2022