UTSI Leadership Task Calendar

FAQ's about the UTSI Leadership Task Calendar (LTC)



000 Introduction to Utah Swimming

  • 001 Introduction to Utah Swimming and Board Member Guide ( word version) ( pdf version)
  • 005 Definitions ( word version) ( pdf version)
  • 020 Board Member ( word version) ( pdf version)
    • Board of Directors, Authority
    • Board of Directors, Meetings
    • Board Member, General Responsibilities
    • Board Member Specific Position Responsibilities
      • General Chair
      • Administrative Vice Chair
      • Senior Chair
      • Age Group Chair
      • Finance Chair
      • Safe Sport and Operational Risk Chair
      • Officials Chair
      • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair
      • At-Large BOD Members
      • Athlete Senior Rep
      • Athlete Junior Rep
      • Ex-Officio BOD Members
        See also: Workforce Related Policies in "Business and Organizational Success" section
        See also: Crisis/Communication policy in "Safety: Safe Sport and Operational Risk" section
        See also: Bylaws, especially Articles 5 - 7, as applicable
    • Conflict of Interest
    • Confidentiality
    • Code of Ethics
  • 050 Committee Handbook  (word version) (pdf version)
    • General Policies for Committee Administration
    • Information about Utah Swimming Divisions
    • Executive Committee
    • Governance Committee
    • Safety Committee
    • Administrative Review Board
    • Awards Program Committee
    • Swimposium Committee
    • Diversity Committee
    • Officials Committee
    • Senior Swimming Committee
    • Age Group Development Committee
    • Zone Team Committee
    • UTSI Championship Meet Steering Committee
    • UTSI Senior Short Course Championship Committee
    • UTAGS Championship Meets Committee
    • UTSI Long Course Championship Meets Committee
    • Finance Committee
    • Athletes Committee
    • Coaches Committee
  • 081 Preparing for HOD Procedures (word version) (pdf version)

100/200 Member and Volunteer Development

150 Athletes

200 Coaches and Clubs

250 Officials

300 Safety:  Safe Sport and Operational Risk

400 Business and Organizational Success

500 Personnel

600 Meets and Events

700 Travel and Select Teams

800 Reserved for Future Use

900 Miscellaneous​

To Propose New or Change Current Policy

Board Members: Use one of the following forms (same form, different formats) to propose a new policy or change to an existing one.

Utah Swimming Proposed Policy Worksheet (online form)

Utah Swimming Proposed Policy Worksheet (WORD document)