NOTE:  The Utah Swimming Policies and Procedures are currently being updated and reformatted.

Thanks for your patience as we work through this process.

000 Introduction to Utah Swimming

Board Member Guide (more coming)
  • 005 Definitions ( word version) ( pdf version)
  • 020 Board Member ( word version) ( pdf version)
    • Board of Directors, Authority
    • Board of Directors, Meetings
    • Board Member, General Responsibilities
    • Board Member S,pecific Position Responsibilities
      • General Chair
      • Administrative Vice Chair
      • Senior Chair
      • Age Group Chair
      • Finance Chair
      • Safe Sport and Operational Risk Chair
      • Officials Chair
      • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair
      • At-Large BOD Members
      • Athlete Senior Rep
      • Athlete Junior Rep
      • Ex-Officio BOD Members
        See also: Workforce Related Policies in "Business and Organizational Success" section
        See also: Crisis/Communication policy in "Safety: Safe Sport and Operational Risk" section
        See also: Bylaws, especially Articles 5 - 7, as applicable
    • Conflict of Interest
    • Confidentiality
    • Code of Ethics
  • 050 Committee Handbook  (word version) (pdf version)
    • General Policies for Committee Administration
    • Information about Utah Swimming Divisions
    • Executive Committee
    • Governance Committee
    • Safety Committee
    • Administrative Review Board
    • Awards Program Committee
    • Swimposium Committee
    • Diversity Committee
    • Officials Committee
    • Senior Swimming Committee
    • Age Group Development Committee
    • Zone Team Committee
    • UTSI Championship Meet Steering Committee
    • UTSI Senior Short Course Championship Committee
    • UTAGS Championship Meets Committee
    • UTSI Long Course Championship Meets Committee
    • Finance Committee
    • Athletes Committee
    • Coaches Committee
  • 081 Preparing for HOD Procedures (word version) (pdf version)
  • 090 Nomination Policy  (word version) (pdf version)

100/200 Member and Volunteer Development

150 Athletes

200 Coaches and Clubs

250 Officials

300 Safety:  Safe Sport and Operational Risk

400 Business and Organizational Success

500 Personnel

600 Meets and Events

700 Travel and Select Teams

800 Reserved for Future Use

900 Miscellaneous​

To Propose New or Change Current Policy

Board Members: Use one of the following forms (same form, different formats) to propose a new policy or change to an existing one.

Utah Swimming Proposed Policy Worksheet (online form)

Utah Swimming Proposed Policy Worksheet (WORD document)