" Pick One" Because Kids Matter

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Need help getting others involved and building Safe Sport, and other safety into your team culture? Each newsletter lists several simple, specific things coaches and other team leaders can do. 

Goal:  To help coaches and team leaders pick one meaningful thing to do each month to help increase the safety of the kids on their team. Why? Because Kids Matter

Topic List

Build Safety into your Team Culture

  • February 2018 (Principle of the Month: “Keeping [athletes] safe requires as much diligence and attention as training for competition.” Integrating the USA Swimming Athlete Protection policies, guidelines and best practices into your club structure and culture keeps people safer.)
  • November 2017 (Focus Principle: Good athlete and coach leadership help build a positive club culture.)
  • September 2017 (Focus Principle: September is a month of first, or fresh, starts. Use meetings and other “Season Starting” activities to help athletes, parents and staff learn how to be safer while participating with your club. How? Click to find out!)

Coach Registration

  • January 2018 (Focus Principle: Coaches need CURRENT credentials to maintain USA Swimming coach membership. Only coach members can coach athletes at USA Swimming practice or competition.)
  • July 2017 (Focus Principle: All club coaches must complete and keep current ALL USA Swimming coach membership requirements to work with athletes at practice or meets.) USA Swimming Coach Member Requirements


  • March 2017 (Focus Principle: We all want good people working with our swimmers. Pre-employment screenings help promote athlete safety and are REQUIRED by USA Swimming.)


  • August 2017 (Focus Principle: Policies help everyone know “What’s okay and what’s not.” Good policies can help keep kids, and others, safe.  BUT ONLY IF THEY ARE KNOWN AND USED.)
  • Feb. 2017 (Focus Principle: Good Policies are Part of Every Healthy Team.)


  • October 2017 (Focus Principle: Coaches, and others, need to know what their reporting responsibilities are, and how to fulfill them, when a Safe Sport issue or injury is brought to their attention.)
  • April 2017 (Focus Principle: USA Swimming members and/or member clubs have specific reporting responsibilities.)

Safe Sport Mondays

  • May 2017 (Focus Principle: Having regular short conversations about different team - and Safe Sport - related issues can strengthen a club’s values and open productive communication channels.) 

Why Use a Club Safety Coordinator?

  • June 2017 (Focus Principle: A functioning Club Safe Sport Coordinator can increase the awareness and use of Safe Sport principles and policies within your club. The result? Increase athlete safety.)