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Utah Swimming Safety Committee Information

Safety Committee Members:

Chair, Mo Schiffman (UN)
Stephenie Glissmeyer (SDAT)
Marcie Burrell (CHAT)
Pierre Guzman (UVA)
Mark Shveyd (SLC)
Matt Finnigan (SWAMI)
Ethan P. (SLC), Athlete
Payton B. (City), Athlete
(updated 12/2021)
What is the goal of the committee?

To help Utah Swimming members, and others, effectively PREVENT, RESPOND to, and REPORT safety issues.

Who are the Utah Swimming members, and others, referred to above?

Team members, including:

  • STAFF:  Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Administrators and other staff


  • VOLUNTEERS: Officials, Team Leaders and others

  • PARENTS (Although not usually registered members, athlete safety is a high concern for them)

  • ​Other stakeholders

What is meant by PREVENT, RESPOND and REPORT?


  • Team members know, understand and use club safety policies and guidelines. Clear, known and used policies help everyone know “What’s okay and what’s not.”

    • The team has a system in place so member knowledge, understanding and application can continue despite turnover, forgetfulness and other common obstacles


  • Club coaches/leaders feel confident appropriately responding to member concerns/issues


Why is helping members PREVENT, RESPOND to, and REPORT the goal?

The primary purpose of clubs is to encourage participation, and the pursuit of excellence, in swimming. Unfortunately, safety problems can derail this goal and negatively impact lives. This is especially true if the problem could have been prevented. PREVENT, RESPOND and REPORT are three specific actions each person can do. These actions not only help prevent safety problems, but ensure those which do occur are properly addressed.

How can I contact the Safety Committee Chairperson?

The current committee chair and contact information is listed under the Governance tab (above) on the Board of Directors roster.


To find out more about this committee, see policy # 50 (Committees Handbook) located on the UTSI Policies and Procedures webpage.