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Blank Excel Doc for Tracking Your Swimmer’s Times (updated 2/11/12)
How to Sign Up for a Meet Online
What to Expect at a Meet
Understanding Your First Meet
-  Time Standards
USA Swim Times Database
MI Swim Times Database
Meters to Yards Time Conversion  

Article in SPLASH Magazine about what to expect at A MEET

Meet Frequently Asked Questions: 
Signing up for a meet:
Is it mandatory to participate in meets?
No, it is not mandatory to compete at the swim meets.  However, it is highly encouraged by the coaches that you do so.  This will help give you a gauge and measurement of your progress in swimming.  Plus for how hard each swimmer works in practice on a daily basis meets can be the reward and pay off for that hard work by showing how much time you're able to hopefully drop from meet to meet in your events.  Perhaps even by the end of the season you can earn a Junior Olympic time or even a State Qualifying time.

The coaches do encourage swimmers in JRB, JRW and SR to compete in at least the Friday night session and at least one other weekend day (Sat or Sun) at each meet.  Of course if possible competing in all 3 days would be great but we do realize this may not always be viable. 

The coaches always like JRB, JRW and SR kids to compete in the Friday night distance sessions because swimming the 500 free or 400 IM, etc. are not only good events to show progress in but also provide the kids with perhaps the greatest opportunity to make a state qualifying time.

Who selects the events that my swimmer will compete in?
Your swimmer’s coach will select the events.  While signing up online, if you have suggestions or comments feel free to add them to the notes section and the appropriate coach will get back with you.

How do I sign up for a swim meet?
For your convenience, its all online!  See the ’how to sign up for a meet online’ link in the documents section above for screenshots that will walk you through the process. 

Where do I obtain swim meet information that the Lakers plan to attend?
See the ’tentative scheduled lakers meets’ link in the documents section above.  All of the meets are also listed as individual events under the ’event’ section of the website. 

Attending the meet:
What do the swimmers need to bring to the meet?
2 towels, 2 pair of goggles, team suit, team cap (this makes it easier for coaches to locate swimmers), flip-flop or croc type shoes to wear on deck, t-shirt/sweat shirt to wear between events, water or gatorade (drinks high in sugar are not recommended), snacks (bagels, raisins, etc), lock for locker (bags can be brought on deck, however if anything is left in the locker room a lock is highly recommended).


What do the parents need to bring to the meet?
highlighter (to mark your child's events in the meet program), sharpee marker (to write your childs event numbers on his/her hand), pen (to write down times, splits, etc), money (for admissions, meet program, and concessions stand), layers (dress light as it is generally very warm at meets), bleacher chair or padded mat.

Will I be able to go on deck with my swimmer at the meets?
Absolutely not!  Only coaches and/or those with a current USA Swim card are allowed on deck.  In fact, a fine of $100+ may be assessed to teams who do not follow MI Swim rules.

Is there a cost to participate in meets?
Yes!  Entry fees are typically $4-$5 per individual event along with a $1-$3 per swimmer surcharge per meet.  The fees vary and are listed in the meet packet. 

What happens if my swimmer arrives late for a meet?
They run the risk of being ’scratched’ from the meet.  It is in your best interest to arrive early, or at least during the practice timeframe that they indicate.  If you are going to be plate please call the appropriate coach to inform them as they may be able to sign you in.

If my swimmer is scratched or scratches will we be billed?
Yes, the club pays for meet entries up front, therefore the amount you will be billed will be used to reimburse the Lakers general fund that was used for entry submission. 

Understanding the meet:
What is the difference between SCY and LCM meets?
Short Course Yard is 25 Yards adn Long Course Meter is 50 Meters.  LCM events are measured in meters and are swum in a 50 meter pool.  Several events are also replaced due to the conversion (500yd=400m, 1000yd=800m, and 1650yd/1500m).

What are Dual or Tri meets?
Dual or Tri meets are one-day meets (lasting approximately 3-4 hours) held on occasional Friday evenings throughout the short course and involve one or two other teams who belong to the Macomb County Swim League (MCSL).  

Are there fee’s associated with Dual or Tri meets?
There are no entry fees for Dual or Tri meets as they are not intended to be club fundraisers.  Insted they are for the newer swimmer to get experience in a competitive situation. 

What is the Macomb County Swim League?
The Macomb County Swim League is comprised of five teams (including the Lakers).

What is an Invitational meet?
Invitations are two and three day long meets invol ing many swim teams from around Michigan, as well as other states and Canada.  Swimmers can choose to participate in one day only, two days, or all three days based on personal schedules as well as the offered events on any given day.

What are Time Standards?
Michigan Swimming has published time standards for each event.  This identifies each swimmer’s level of expertise.  The time standards, or cut-offs, are used so that the beinner swimmers swim against a beginner swimmer and the advanced swimmer competes against an advanced swimmer.

How are Time Standards set at meets?
At most swim meets the host club/team decide if there will be a time standard for the meet and what it will be.  The basic time standards for MI Swimming are B, A, Q2 and Q1.   If the swimmer does not meet the time set for a B time they are considered to have a C time.

Can swimmers hold different Time Standards?

At any given time, an individual swimmer can have certain events that are B times, Q1 times, and C times.  Each event is treated individually.  Therefore, a swimmer could attend a BC meet and swim in the events that they are weaker in and also attend an AB meet and compete in the stronger events.

What are Q1 and Q2 Time Standards?
These time standards are directly related to the end of season championships meet progression set in Michigan.  A Q2 time will qualify a swimmer to attend Junior Olympics held in March and a Q1 time will qualify a swimmer to compete at the State Championships in March. 

Where can I find copies of the actual Time Standards?
See the time standards link above under the ’Documents’ section as it will be updated annually.