Providing the love, recognition, and encouragement necessary for the child to work harder in practice will in turn give them the confidence to reach their potential. As the swimmer improves, the parents will want to share in the moments of success, and also be there during moments of disappointment.  Even the best swimmers will have meets where they do not swim their best times. 

As they progress through the levels of the sport they will have only two or three meets where they will be rested, tapered and prepared to swim best times. These plateaus are a normal part of swimming. Over the course of the season, the times should improve. These plateaus are another period for patience and support.

To have a successful program, there must be understanding and cooperation among parents, swimmers and coaches. The swimmer’s progress depends to a great extent on this triangular relationship.

We want parents to understand the philosophy that guides the Lakers Aquatic Club and how their swimmer(s) will develop and progress through the swim program.  It is important for parents to know what the expectations, responsibilities and criteria are for each group placement, as listed in the Athlete’s section of this handbook.

1. Support your Child

a. Attend parent educational meetings when offered.

b. Read the parent handbook and newsletters.

2. Support the Coach

a. Allow the coaches to be the expert in swimming.

b. Remain in the stands during meets.

c. Communicate with the coach after practice if needed.

3. Support the Program

a. Volunteer to work at dual meets.

b. Volunteer for administrative duties

c. Volunteer to be on committees

d. Volunteer to be a board member

e. Become a USA Swimming Official (attend instructional class and pass a test); then get paid to be at the swim meets!