Frequently Asked Questions

4MSR Program Director:

Marvin A. Thorpe, II


What does "LTS" stand for? 

LTS stands for Learn-To-Swim. There are basic as well as advanced LTS students.




Is my student in a "class" or a "session"? 

Both. Students register for a session which has daily class or a group of daily classes. Typically a session will have five classes which would be Monday through Friday for one week or ten classes which would be Monday through Friday for two weeks. The application or registration form will list the specific dates relative to the session you are considering. 




What happens when it rains? 

Class will happen at the scheduled time. Students can actually swim in the rain. Unless the 4MSR Program Director contacts you, please paln to attend class as usual and on-time!




What should students typically wear to class? 

If at all possible, students should wear their swim wear underneath of their clothing to class. This will help alievate having to change before class starts however, if changing is necessary, there are facilities available before and after class. It is suggested that females wear one peice swim suits and males wear swim trunks with a drawstring that goes all the way around the waist. These suggestions help the students keep private things "private". Nevertheless, please rest assured knowing that the 4MSR Staff is comprised of both female and male members just in case a "situation" arises. Last, usually students will bring a tote bag or backpack to stow their towel and other belongings. Please inscribe your student's name on their bag.




Are students required to wear swim caps? 

All students with hair longer than one and one half inches from the root are required to wear swim caps. Students with hair as aforementioned/described above who do not have a swim cap will not be allowed to participate in class. The swim cap will help keep the student's hair in place while in the water and ultimately, the pool cleaner. 4MSR does sell swim caps or swim caps can be purchased from a variety of venders elsewhere.




Can students wear swim shoes in the pool? 

Students wear many different kinds of swim shoes to and from class on a daily basis however it is generally the younger students who a desire or even have a need to wear the shoe into the water. Please know there is a distinct difference between a swim shoe and a flip-flop. This younger student (ages 4, 5 or 6 years old) may need the shoe to protect the bottom of their foot/toes as some youngsters do walk on their "tippie-toes" whike in the pool. Their physical statue may require this kind of walking in the pool. In this specific case a shoe that covers the entire foot is more supportive than a sandal (a flip-flop is not to be considered). This type of swim shoe can be found seasonally at retailers such as: Amazon, Target or Walmart.




Can students wear swim goggles? 

Yes, of course however goggles are not required. Frankly, goggles are not needed for LTS. In the basic LTS session students are taught to open their eyes underwater. Doing this is not harmful in most cases and is required if a student should someday progress to a point where they are desiring an American Red Cross Lifeguard Ceritification.




How many students are in my child's class? 

Class size is soley up to the 4MSR Program Director. With student safety as the number one priority, some classes can be larger in number while others must standardly smaller. Generally, older students can be taught in larger groups however younger inexperienced students usually require smaller groups. There are some sessions that do have a more specific number of students available to fill the class (Session 33, 55 and 66). Each 4MSR Session and/or class size/final number is ultimately determined by the Program Director.




What happens if my student misses swim class? Can that time be made-up/rescheduled? 

No. Classes will only be made-up or rescheduled if the Program Director misses or cancels class. If for any reason, a student misses time during class or misses an entire class, the 4MSR Program Director is not obligated to make up that time.



Should you or your swimmer consider the Yellowjackets Swim Team? 

The 4MSC Yellowjackets Swim Team has two distinct groups. A Yellowjackets Age Group Swim Team which swims in the USA Swimming / Maryland Swimming LSC / circuit and a Adult Swim Team, 4MSC Yellowjackets MASTERS which swim under the US Masters Organization. If you and/or your swimmer really enjoy swimming and can handle the commitment of swimming several days a week year round (11 out of 12 months), than perhaps you should consider becoming a member of the 4MSC Yellowjackets Swim Team. Please make a point of having a conversation with Mr. Thorpe to learn more of the swim team details.