Brigantine Greenheads Swim Team

Who Are We?

Greenheads Swimming was founded in 2001 as an affiliate of the Brigantine Aquatic Center. The team has since grown to serve athletes throughout Atlantic, Cape May, and Ocean Counties. With a diverse and experienced staff, Greenheads Swimming provides opportunity to compete for recreational swimmers (through local league participation) and competitive swimmers (USA Swimming) alike.

Our Philosophy

Greenheads Swimming strives to see all of their athletes develop a lifelong love of swimming as both a recreational and athletic pursuit. Our coaches not only push our swimmers to strive for athletic excellence, but actively encourage them to give back to their team, the swim community, and their local communities at large as they pursue success both in and out of the water.

We seek to direct each swimmer as they strive to reach their maximum potential through proper stroke technique & endurance training, while at the same time encouraging the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of their lives. Our team has achieved success when our swimmers develop into upstanding men and women in their communities, and are capable of transferring their love of the water to the next generation of swimmers!

We passionately seek to avoid the "Race to Nowhere" that plagues so much of youth sports today where the desires of the adults involved (coaches, parents, etc) are placed above the wants, needs and desires of the youth athlete. Instead we wish to foster enjoyment of the sport and push for excellence within that framework.

Why choose Greenheads Swimming?

  1. We focus on developing well rounded athletes & citizens. While other area programs encourage early specialization - which has proven to lead to burnout and injury - Greenheads Swimming actively promotes participation in other sports and activities.
  2. Low swimmer-to-coach ratio. Our large coaching staff relative to the number of athletes ensures that your child will get the attention and direction needed to grow.
  3. Convenient (and flexible) practice schedules. Since Greenheads Swimming has their own facility, we can offer practice schedules that work for our team - not just when the area high schools permit.
  4. Free Brigantine Aquatic Center membership for our athletes - every Greenhead Swimmer is automatically a BAC member - meaning they can come in during any open business hours to make up practice or get extra work!
  5. We have lanes for everyone! Whether just starting out, or preparing for Zones, we have practice groups for all skill levels. In fact, some of the fastest swimmers in the area got their start with us, when nobody else would take them!​
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