Navy Seals 2008-09 Information

Posted: November 17, 2008 by Jayna Miller

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BYNS information for the 2008-09 season...

This information includes registration dates, new/ prospective team members meeting dates, practice start dates, practice schedules, team fees, membership fees and much of the paperwork needed for registration.

BYNS Parent T-shirts

Posted: November 7, 2008 by Jayna Miller

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The BYNS parent t-shirt is a short sleeve navy t-shirt with "BYNS Swimming" screened in teal and white on the front of the shirt.  Orders for these shirts will be taken through Sunday, November 23, 2008.   The order form is located below.  The cost of the t-shirts is $6.50.  Orders and payment are to be placed in the "Equipment Order" file on the team table. 

We hope that all parents will wear these shirts at the next large meet we host - Girls A League Championships.   We want our visiting team to know who to go to if they need assistance.

BYNS Parent T-shirt Order Form

Boyertown Boo Results

Posted: October 27, 2008 by Webmaster

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The results of the Boyertown Boo can be viewed using the links below...

Coaches can download the Team Manager results file here.

Thank you volunteers for all the hard work, and thank you to all the coaches, parents, and swimmers for coming out to support the meet!

Swim Parka Order Forms - Due by 10-24-08

Posted: October 14, 2008 by Jayna Miller

Category: BYNS

BYNS and BEARS Swim Parkas can be ordered until 10-24-08.  Delivery will be in time for Christmas.  Order and checks payable to D & J Sport, Inc. are to be placed in the "Equipment Orders" file on the team table.

BYNS & BEARS Swim Parkas Order Form - price update posted 10/16/08.  The The parkas are $115.

5th Annual Boyertown BOO Invitational

Posted: September 18, 2008 by Jayna Miller

Category: BYNS

The 5th Annual Boyertown BOO will be held on Sunday, October 26, 2008.  The meet will be run in 2 sessions.  The 8 & unders and 9/10s will swim in the morning session.  The 11/12s, 13/14s and opens will swim in the afternoon session.

The meet invitation, TM entries import file and t-shirt order information are listed below:

Relay Swimmers - County Champs.

Posted: July 24, 2008 by Jayna Miller

Category: MAKO

The following is the list of relay swimmers for the BCSA County Championship.  Relays swim as the first events of the finals session.  The free relays swim Saturday evening and the medley relays swims Sunday evening.  Coaches will assign the specific relays at the meet.  Please see the July newsletter for meet details.  

Please contact Jayna Miller ASAP with any questions, concerns or difficulties at 484-363-3616.

Free Relays – Sat. Finals Session                      Medley Relays – Sun. Finals Session

8& Unders                                                      8& Unders

K Donovan                  No Boys Relay          K Donovan                  No Boys Relay

T Donovan                                                       T Donovan

T Draves                                                           T Draves

J Glasner                                                           J Glasner

A Grofe                                                             A Grofe

A Kurlak                                                           A Kurlak

C Megill                                                            C Megill

J Petschelt                                                        J Petschelt

Alternate.-T Talkington                                Alternate-T Talkington

             9 – 10s                                                           9-10s

A Brechko                   M Draves                    A Brechko                   M Draves

A DeStefano                D Fedorovsky            A DeStefano                A Longacre

M Garofolo                  A Longacre                 M Garofolo                  S Morris

M Hess                        R Watts                        M Hess                        R Watts

H Moser                      Alt.-S Morris                H Moser                      Alt.-D Fedorovsky

J Moyer                                                               J Moyer

M Wagner                                                         M Wagner

M Zaklicki                                                          M Zaklicki

Alt.-A Gorman                                                  Alt.-A Gorman

             11-12s                                                             11-12s

T Cisik                         D Brown                      T Cisik                        Jer. Glasner

T Davis                        A Grofe                        T Davis                        A Grofe

S Freed                        S Miller                        S Freed                        S Miller

S Garofolo                   C Renninger                 S Garofolo                   C Renninger

T Manes                       Alt.-Jer. Glasner           T Manes                       Alt.-D Brown

C Reiss                        Alt.-Jor. Glasner           C Reiss                        Alt.-Jor. Glasner

L Simpson                                                        L Simpson

M Woolley                                                       M Woolley

Alt.-A Simpson                                                Alt.-J Morris

                                                                        Alt.-A Simpson

        13-14s                                                             13-14s

C Collins                      D Bullock                     C Collins                      D Bullock

D Davis                        S Corbett                     D Davis                        S Corbett

L Doerrman                  N Heydt                       L Doerrman                  N Heydt

H Heydt                       B Powell                      H Heydt                       B Powell

M Lutz                         Alt.-Justin Glasner        M Lutz                         Alt.-Justin Glasner

A Markofski                                                     A Markofski

C Moatz                                                           C Moatz

K Mutone                                                        K Mutone

Alt.-K Bowers                                                 Alt.-K Bowers

            15-18s                                                             15-18s

S Draves                      T Clancy                      S Draves                      T Clancy

L Evans                        A Corbett                     L Evans                        A Corbett

M Fattore                     B Draves                      M Fattore                     B Draves

S Hartman                    M Duffy                       B Hilfery                       M Duffy

B Hilfert                       A Francis                     N Lisella                       A Francis

N Lisella                       J Hartman                     J Marrinucci                 S Frech

J Marrinucci                 W Trumbauer               A Miller                        W Trumbauer

C Ostromecki               A Vogel                       C Ostromecki               A Vogel

Alt.-Maloney                Alt.-Z Crawford           Alt.-B Woolley         Alt.-Z Crawford

Alt.-Miller                    Alt.-S Frech


Boyertown Long Course Invitational Event File

Posted: June 6, 2008 by Webmaster

Category: MAKO

For those teams attending the Boyertown Long Course Invitational this year, the event file can be download here.

Inter-Squad Meet Volunteer Jobs

Posted: June 5, 2008 by Webmaster

Category: MAKO

The volunteer jobs for this weekend's inter-squad meet are now posted.

Private Lessons for Competitive Swimmers Available

Posted: February 11, 2008 by Jayna Miller

Category: BYNS

Private Lessons for Competitive Swimmers are available to BYNS swimmers.  The cost of 4 one half our lessons is $70. If you are interested in this, there are forms at the front desk.