Volunteer Positions and General Items




 Administrative Official

 Meet Manager Operator

 Console Operator





Clean-up / Set- Up


Dress Code:

Pool Deck:  

Dress to get WET

Please wear flat shoes preferable with a nonskid sole

Shirts required / Team Apparel Preferred

Officials- White Shoes, White Polo, Navy shorts or skirt


Dress for MESS

Team Apparel Preferred

Disposable gloves to be worn when handling food items


Volunteer Requirements:

All positions listed above are essential to running an efficient and professional meet.

All Volunteers are required to have all clearances on file at the Y.  Please fill out the attached forms and submit to coach Raynelle.  Further instructions will be sent to the email you submitted with the paperwork.

The group will need to ensure that all visitors (swimmers, coaches, and spectators) have an enjoyable and positive experience

For any position that requires certification and requires a fee, the team will cover the expense of the class or clinic

Please contract the team coordinator prior to attending to determine payment/reimbursement options

Each family is asked to volunteer at a minimum of 2 dual meets and any team hosted invitational ( The BOO, Champs).


Volunteer Positions

Certification Required



The head official for each swim meet

Responsible for the conduct of the meet and is the final authority on the interpretation and enforcement of all swimming rules

Gives assignments and instructions to other officials working the meet

Ensures all necessary positions are filled prior to starting the meet



Works in conjunction with the Referee

Responsible for starting the race and is in charge of the swimmers once the Referee has given him instructions to begin the race

Handles the timers meeting


Stroke and Turn Judges:

Responsible for ensuring that all swimmers obey all the rules for the stroke that they are swimming once the race has started

Stroke infraction are reported to the Referee

During relays, ensure that each swimmer touches the wall before the next swimmer in the relay leaves the starting platform/deck


Chief Judge:

Responsible for reviewing disqualifications by the Stroke and Turn Judges in the place of the Referee

Typically used to move the speed of the meet along


Administrative Official (AO):

The “Administrative Official” is one who works directly with the Meet Referee and

supervises/directs the following positions on the “dry” side of the meet:

Entry and Registration Personnel

Meet Coordinator

Timing System Operator and Scoring Personnel

The AO may serve in one (or more) of the above positions or may simply act in a supervisory capacity of those positions. Volunteers may fill the above positions provided there is an AO supervising all, or the AO is filling

one (or more) of the positions and supervising the remaining ones


Safety Director:

Monitors safety on the pool deck and surrounding areas

Assist YMCA personnel on completion of incident reports on all reported injuries


Training Required


Meet Coordinator:

Sets up the meet in Meet Manager and prepares all files (meet info, Team Manager Files, and psych sheet) to be posted on web site.

Reviews and checks meet entries and heat sheets prior to copying

Responsible for the team registrations and add on swimmers


Timing System Computer:

Responsible for running the Daktronics swim meet timing system

Training on the computer is required; length of training is based on an individual’s understanding of the program and comfort level in operating the computer at a meet



Responsible for scoring the meet

Duties include providing exception report to Referee, event changes approved by coaches/referee, and generating final results report.


Meet Director:

Organizes invitational or championship meets.

Communication link to league for championship meets

Identifies and coordinates meet workers and assists the Meet Referee the day of the meet to ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently

Coordinates with the YMCA to ensure availability of facilities and staff

Works with Concessions Coordinator to ensure needs are met


General Positions



Responsible for operating the stopwatch and timing system button

Watch times are used as a back-up time in case the touch pads and buttons of the Daktronics Timing system do not function properly.

Timers start their watches on the strobe light from the starting system and stop their watches and press the timing system button when the swimmer touches the wall (Starter will provide additional instructions during Timers meeting - typically 15 minutes prior to start of meet)

There are 1-3 timers per lane depending on the meet

(USS - 1, YMCA Dual Meet - 2, YMCA Championship Meet - 3)

Timers may also need to document the watch times on a timers sheet - all watch times must be recorded (no need to average)

Backup timer is available if watch did not start.


Works with the timers and documents the watch times on the time sheets to reduce the responsibilities of the timers

Typically used to speed the meet along


Responsible for taking entrance fees from spectators at a main entrance

Once all spectators arrive personnel may work the concessions stand

Runner/Table Assistant:

Responsible for the collection of watch times when instructed by Scorer

If required for Invitationals/Championships post results in display area and delivers results and label sheets to Awards Room

Collect Relay Take-off cards if instructed by Referee

Distribute water to timers and officials (if available)


Responsible for organizing the awards on tables in the Awards Room/Area

Also getting the award labels from the runner or scoring table, placing them on the awards and filing awards in appropriate team containers. Awards to include but not limited to trophies, medals, or ribbons.

Note: No Children allowed in the Awards Room


Responsible for general announcements

Broadcast each event, the swimmers name with lane assignments.

The announcer, along with the referee, is responsible for keeping the meet moving in a steady fashion


Responsible for an assigned age group/gender to ensure swimmers get to the starting blocks for their event. 

Also ensure for 8 & under relays that 2 swimmers are at each end of the pool. (Typically for 10 & under age groups only)


Concessions Coordinator:

Manages concessions at all home meets (dual, invitationals, and championships)

Work with Boyertown YMCA on purchase of items required for the concessions stand

Organization, schedules, and assignments for the concessions volunteers

Manage food preparation and clean up

Maintain inventory of food, drink, and equipment (refrigerator and closet)

Coordinate delivery from outside vendor

Ensure money is available day of meet

Determine price of items for sale and develop menu/signs



Work in concession area. 

Duties may include cashier, food preparation, food handler, drink or food restocking, and customer service

Heat sheet will also be sold at concessions stand

Also included could be assisting in setup and/or cleanup of concession stand

Note: Cashier can not handle food items and no children can handle the money


Concessions Set up/Clean up:

Duties include setup and breakdown all the equipment necessary to run the concessions stand including, but not limited to loading/unloading of drink coolers, food preparation, equipment setup/cleaning,  and anything else that will be needed to clean up the concessions area/stand



Work in the hospitality area to provide meals for coaches and officials between meet sessions

Prepare and deliver food to be served to coaches and officials.  Ensure no other people (parents or swimmers) are in this area


Place Judges:

Responsible for judging the order of swimmers finishing races

Situated on deck near the finish end of the pool and record the order the swimmers finish


Meet Set up/Clean up:

Duties include setup and breakdown all the equipment necessary to run a meet including, but not limited to the computer/timing system, touch pads, tarps, rugs, mats, seating, tables, and anything else that will be needed in order to run the meet.


Meet Volunteer Coordinators:

Organizes and checks in assigned volunteers to positions for each swim meet

Recruits volunteers for open required positions prior to meet


Deck Seeding:

Staging the swimmers on heat benches on pool deck

Ensures the swimmers are present and in the correct order

Directs the heat to move behind the starting area to reduce congestion behind the starting area

(Typically Senior Team Members)


Seeding Room:

Staging the swimmers on heat benches in a room away from the pool deck

Ensures the swimmers are present and in the correct order

Use Public Address system to notify swimmers of current staging event and to page missing swimming

Transfers the swimmers to the Deck Seeding area to reduce congestion on the pool deck

Note: Room is for Seeding Room Personnel, Swimmers, and Coaches (NO PARENTS!!!)