BLUE Visiting USA Swimmer Policy

Blue Eagle Swim Team welcomes visiting swimmers. These swimmers must have a current membership in USA Swimming.  Swimmers must be in grades K-12 to practice with BLUE.  No meet participation is included.

Swimmers must FIRST:

  • Contact BLUE Registrar at least one week in advance by inquiring HERE or via the email below.
  • Provide current USA Swimming membership card, and school ID.
  • Complete BLUE On-Line Registration. BLUE Registrar will provide you with the appropriate link once your eligibility is confirmed.
  • BLUE Registrar will contact you when your OLR registration is received and approved by the Registrar.  PLEASE do not arrive at the pool unless you receive prior notification from the Registrar. BLUE Coaches will not allow you to participate until your rostering is completed by registrar.

Visiting swimmers will practice as one of the team, in the appropriate age training group while here.  BLUE Registrar will provide you with practice location and schedule for the period of your visit.

There is no fee for a visiting swimmer as a courtesy, unless the visiting swimmer will be with BLUE for a period of 5 days or more.  In this case, fees will be communicated by the team Registrar and payable at time of On-Line Registration. 

Visiting swimmers must first registered in BLUE website and create a swimmer account. This will allow BLUE coaches and BoD immediate access to emergency information, provide team communication while practicing with BLUE, and provide mode of payment IF fees are required. 

Inquire with BLUE Manager: