Blue Eagle Swim Team Lessons

Swim Lessons Online Registration (OLR)

Welcome!! Lessons - PreTeam, Parent w/Child and Private, will be offered every Tuesday and Thursday at Belvidere Community Pool through the end of August - directions to the pool

Please look to the sections below and select your desired day & time under either the Parent w/Child Lessons, PreTeam Swim Lessons or Private Lessons section. Once you have selected, you will have to go through the program "sign-offs". You can sign up for multiple lessons if desired.

There are no more than 4 swimmers per lesson for Parent w/child (ages 2-10 years for kids who CANNOT swim) and no more than 4 swimmers per lesson for PreTeam (ages 5-14 and you MUST be able to be in the pool unassisted with no flotation device).

During this OLR, placing the required check mark in the box for each statement signifies acknowledgement by swimmer/parents/guardians/representatives to comply with the provided information. Your IP address will be on file and serves as your legal signatures of agreement.

Use the 'printer friendly' button to print the registration information if desired. When you reach the "SUCCESS" screen, your registration is complete.

Contact [email protected] with any questions and again THANKS!!