**18&Over Athletes MUST take ADULT Athlete Protection Training IMMEDIATELY****

Treasurer - BLUE
Jun 22, 2019

To BLUE 18&O Adult Athletes,

Click link HERE  to complete the Adult Athlete Athlete Protection Training Program no later than the date of your 18th day of birth.

Do not print/show Coach Mike your completed three APT certificates.  There is a glitch in USA-S Learn Webiste that may allow you to print the three APT certificates PRIOR to actually completing your testing module.  They are actively working on resolving.  Although these certificates are accessible, your actual USA-S Record will NOT show acceptable completion of your APT requirement, and therefore your USA-S membership will be immediately revoked (effective 7/23/19)  and your entry in swim meets/practicing with USA Clubs (i.e. BLUE) will be prohibited.    Simply notify Coach Mike when you receive the email after you complete your testing (see below).  
Lisa S will review your USA-S record for definative proof of acceptable completion of APT tesing.

APT testing is FREE of Charge.  You will go thru a 'check-out process'  with value $0.

To ensure your successful completion, you must complete all three APT test modules through the last question of each module  (some will need to answer a brief questionairre) , and you see the check mark symbol, and then 100% (or your acceptable score to pass)  and then "Done"  on your test screen. 

You will receive a CONFIRMATION EMAIL from "Learn@usaswimming.org" when all three test modules are completed successfully stating:   "Congratulations. You have completed Athlete Protection Training.....It will take approximately 24 hours for your certification to appear on your memberhsip record )accessible by your team's admin) and Deck Pass. This certification will expire on MM/2020......."

If the above still does not occur, then please follow these troubleshooting steps:

1.  DID YOU ENTER THE "LEARN" TEST SITE via the USA-S WebSITE as required, and not log-in to LEARN as a guest?.  Watch tvideo HERE explaining the proper path to follow.

2.  DID YOU SELECT THE CORRECT TEST FOR "Adult aged Athletes"  and not the test for "Minor aged Athletes "?  above video shows exactly what module to select.

3. IS YOUR DECK PASS ATTACHED to your USA-S ACCOUNT ? They are not automatically attached when you create one or the other.  You must follow steps in your account to attach them both.  Also,  Both must be under the SWIMMER (NOT PARENT'S) NAME?  Click   HERE.

Let me know when you complete these above steps and I'll check your record again. 

thanks     lisa s    treasurer@blueeagleswimteam.org

 Notifications from BLUE Team Director Coach Mike:

**18&Over Athletes MUST take Athlete Protection Training ASAP!!!!****
'Michael Rinde - Coach' via TeamUnify  Sat, Jun 22, 2019 at 10:11 AM
Blue Eagle Swim Team
***18&Over Athletes MUST take Athlete Protection Training ASAP!!!!****

Hello All!

This is a friendly reminder that starting tomorrow, Sunday, June 23, any athlete who is 18 years or older, MUST comeplete the Athlete Protection Training in order to be able to practice. I REPEAT IF YOU ARE 18 YEARS OR OLDER, IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE THE ATHLETE PROTECTION TRAINING BY MONDAY, JUNE 24, YOU CANNOT PRACTICE UNTIL IT IS COMPLETE!!!!!!

For everyone who is 17, you will need to complete that training before your birthday. ONCE YOU ARE 18, YOU MUST HAVE COMPLETED THE TRAINING OR ELSE YOU CANNOT PRACTICE UNTIL IT IS COMPLETED.

Have a great weekend!