BLUE is committed to teaching every child to swim. Learning to swim saves lives and can be a rewarding lifelong activity!


These swimmers cannot yet swim laps and do not have a base knowledge of stroke skills. Group sizes are small to give more focused instruction. When a swimmer advances out of PreTeam, they are ready to join a competitive swim team.

Within each lesson, swimmers are placed with an instructor and other swimmers at a similar level. There is never more than 4 swimmers to 1 instructor. The subgroups range from kids who need hands-on assistance in the pool to kids who are ready to learn the basic strokes. No flotation devices are permitted as we provide everything the swimmers need to perform the skills being asked of them.

To be enrolled in PreTeam, your swimmer must be able/willing to:

  • Enter the pool willingly when directed
  • Submerge their face in the water
  • Tread water for a minimal amount of time with/without assistance
  • Float in the water without fear, be willing to try
  • Follow instruction attentively from a Coach on the pool deck or in the water


Private lessons will be offered on a limited basis and the fees will vary depending which coach you are working with.

Private lessons can be for parents who want their young child to have one-on-one instruction, for a more advanced swimmer who wants to work on a specific skill or an adult going on a tropical vacation who never learned how to swim. 

Private lessons are coordinated by the Team Manager. 

Please email [email protected] with questions

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