2023 SFYS

  Blue Eagle Swim Team 9th Annual Swim for your School - Nazareth students only

If you are a current BLUE USA swim team member, DO NOT complete this online registration. Contact [email protected] for info on how to participate.

For a detailed explanation of the SFYS clinic, please CLICK THIS LINK

If your family has participated with BLUE in any program in the past & you are not currently on the USA team, enter the email address and password you used previously on the next page of this registration. Do not "sign-in" elsewhere on the website. If you forget your email and/or password contact [email protected] PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.

Once in the system, please be sure to update each swimmer's t-shirt size, emergency contacts and medical info.

NEW to BLUE FAMILY - If your family is new to BLUE, please create a new account on the next page. If you have more than (1) swimmer you only need one account. You can click "ADD NEW MEMBER" to add each swimmer. Once all swimmers are entered then proceed to the check out screen.

When asked which registration group you want for each swimmer, you need to select your Nazareth district area by elementary school -


You are finished registering when you see the "SUCCESS" screen. On this "success" screen you will see the link for the getting started guide. In this document is the link to select your day/time options for practice. Please email [email protected] for assistance or with any questions.

Click the green "CONTINUE" button below to begin smiley