BLUE's AAU Developmental Diving is for:

  • Athletes ages 7-10 who are beginners looking to learn the basics of the sport

Developmental Diving practices 1 day per week.

​​ALL ATHLETES MUST BE ABLE TO SWIM. Safety comes first. If you are interested in diving but need to learn to swim first, start with swim lessons.

BLUE's AAU Competitive DivingTEAM is for:

  • High School age athletes looking to perfect their fundamentals, strengthen their proficient list of dives and challenge themselves to continue progressing.
    • Even experienced divers need to work on the finer details of their forward and backward approaches. Fine tuning a diver's abilities on these fundamental skills greatly increases their probability of successfully adding more difficult dives to their repertoire.

    • Athletes will progress at their own pace to higher level skills/dives.

  • Athletes ages 10 and up who are looking to develop fundamentals in diving
    • New divers will work on learning their forward and backward approaches becoming comfortable entering the water both feet and head first.

    • As these beginner divers work on their entry, they will add basic dives when ready.

    • Athletes will progress at their own pace to higher level skills.

DIVERS train on the boards 1, 2, 3 or 4 days per week and can opt into gym workouts.

Each family can discuss their practice plan with their coach at an individual meeting if desired. BLUE asks that your expectations of your diver's progress be reasonably equal to the amount of time and effort they put in.

DIVERS need:

  • Water bottle - clearly labeled with your name; no sharing and please, NO GLASS containers
  • 'Training' swim suit (no board shorts or two pieces)
  • Shammy towel if desired

All of the above equipment can be bought by following this link to our Blue Eagle Swim Team online store at www.swimoutlet.com/blue

For all Divers:

Please make special note that;

  • The annual membership is divided into equal monthly installments.
  • Multi-athlete discount:
    • 2 athletes – 10%
    • 3 athletes – 15%
    • 4 athletes – 20%
    • 5 or more athletes – 25%

Any questions, please email the Team Manager at [email protected]

If you are ready to dive in :) CLICK HERE to REGISTER