2019/2020 Diving

BLUE's AAU Diving is for:

  • High School age athletes looking to perfect their fundamentals and work on skills for the Varsity season
    • Experienced divers will work on their forward and backward approaches with more focus on the finer details of their approaches and applying them to dives they have done in the past. Fine tuning a diver's abilities on these fundamentals greatly increases their probability of successfully adding more difficult dives to their repertoire. 

  • Athletes ages 10 and up who are looking to develop fundamentals in diving
    • New divers will work on learning their forward and backward approaches and become comfortable entering the water both feet and head first.

​​ALL ATHLETES MUST BE ABLE TO SWIM. Safety comes first. If you are interested in diving but need to learn to swim first start with our Swim Academy program.

As a side note if at any point you need to halt your participation due to other commitments, you can with no penalty. 

Current schedule for March 2020:

Friday March 6th, 6:45-8:45pm

Saturday March 14th, 10-12pm

Friday March 20th, 6:45-8:45pm

Thursday March 26th, 5-6:45pm

March training fee is $60

With High School Swim/Dive season wrapping up in March, April will have 2 days/week again with a monthly fee of $120

If newly registering - $15 2019/2020 admin fee, $18 2019/2020 AAU membership applies


Summer schedule TBD...check back for info