BLUE is offering parent assisted lessons for those kids who love the water but have little to no experience. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, instructors are not allowed to have intentional physical contact with the swimmers unless it is for safety reasons. If your swimmer was qualified as a participant who needs hands-on assistance, it must be a parent/guardian/representative who joins them in the class.

          *** ALL participants who are on the younger side must be potty-trained; no exceptions ***


The PreTeam group is for swimmers who can be in the water without hands-on assistance. These swimmers cannot yet swim laps and do not have a base knowledge of stroke skills. Group sizes are small to give more focused instruction. When a swimmer advances out of PreTeam, they are ready to join a competitive swim team.

To be enrolled in PreTeam, your swimmer must be able to:

  • Enter and exit the pool without help
  • Submerge their face in the water without needing prompting or assistance
  • Tread water for a minimal amount of time
  • Float in the water without fear
  • Follow instruction attentively from a Coach on the pool deck


Private lessons will be offered on a limited basis and the fees will vary depending which coach you are working with.

Private lessons can be for parents who want their young child to have one-on-one instruction (again, for swimmers who need hands-on assistance, a parent would need to be in the water also), for a more advanced swimmer who wants to work on a specific skill or an adult going on a tropical vacation who never learned how to swim. 

Private lessons can be coordinated with the Coach of your choice and Team Manager. 

Please email [email protected] with questions