CADET USA Team training group

Cadet is designed to provide a more concentrated practice to this developmental group of swimmers. These swimmers will be working on technique acquisition of all four strokes.

CADET has two training options available:

CADET - practices are offered 4x per week and your swimmer may attend all four.

CADET FLEX - your swimmer may attend two practices per week.

To make USA Swimming more accessible to young athletes, BLUE offers this option to empower families the flexibility on a week by week basis to decide which days swim training fits into their schedule. BLUE's main goal is to provide an environment where these young swimmers have a positive first experience with USA Swimming. It is our hope that these swimmers fall in love with the sport and their commitment increases steadily as they progress and mature. If a FLEX option swimmer begins to desire more from their performance, we will work with the families to determine what the next step is for that swimmer.

Practice Equipment

CADET swimmers need:

  • Mesh equipment bag
  • Front loaded training snorkel
  • Nose clip (if desired by athlete, not required)
  • Water Bottle
  • Competition goggles
  • 'Training' swim suit (no board shorts or two pieces)

All of the above equipment can be bought by following this link to our Blue Eagle Swim Team online store at

A team cap will be provided at your first practice (paid for in registration) For USA meets, a team cap and ARENA suits must be worn.

For all USA Team training groups:

Please make special note that;

  • Training Group placement is solely at the coaches’ discretion.
  • All fees are calculated by taking the 12-month membership rate divided into 12 equal monthly payments. The months breaks are taken, April and August, will still be the same monthly fee.
  • Multi-athlete discount for BLUE USA fees for families starting April 1st will be as follows:
    • 2 athletes – 5%
    • 3 athletes – 15%
    • 4 athletes – 25%
    • 5 or more athletes – 35%

Any questions, please email the Team Manager at