***Special offer for NASD incoming 7th-8th graders***

For all Nazareth Area School District residents who will be in 7th or 8th grade in the 2019-2020 school year...

Varsity Clinic is the perfect place for someone who knows how to swim to learn what it means to be a competitive swimmer. Enjoy being part of your student body and showing your SCHOOL SPIRIT and PRIDE by focusing on this Varsity sport. For those who already know a litle about competitive swimming but want to improve your skills and get in beter shape, we got you covered. This is a 9 week clinic running from mid-September to mid-November, 2 days per week, right after school.

This clinic is part of the NASD Varsity swimming program and is offered for free to those who meet the minimum safety requirements as listed below. It is a requirement that each participant:

• Can tread water confidently without assistance

• Can swim the length of the pool freestyle; side breathing.

• Follows important safety instructions at all times.

Sign up for an evaluation by completing the form in the link below. 

FORM IS HERE - only for students going into the 7th or 8th grade in 2019/2020 school year and who reside in the Nazareth Area School District.

Varsity Fall 2019

The Varsity program is designed to provide a place to train for those looking to stay in shape and improve their skills during the off-season months of High School Varsity season.

This group is open to:

  • Nazareth Varsity athletes grades 9-12
  • Nazareth Middle School athletes grades 7-8 interested in trying out for the Nazareth Varsity team when they enter 9th grade. See above for details.
  • Any Varsity High School athlete from any school district in grades 9-12

There are different options to register for the 9-week pre-season session, September-November.

Nazareth athletes can choose from:

  • NASD 2 days/week - free
  • NASD 4 days/week and can swim in (2) BLUE USA meets, one in September and one in October - $215 plus $5/event fee for meets

Non-Nazareth athletes:

  • Non-NASD 3 days/week - $235
  • Non-NASD 3 days/week and can swim in (2) BLUE USA meets, one in September and one in October - $265 plus $5/event fee for meets

Need more info or have questions, Click HERE to inquire today and receive the link to register. Space is limited.

Waitlisted athletes will be contacted in the order in which they inquire.