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Adult Swim Program

Interested in a more casual swimming group without the pressure of a Masters program? Check out our new Adult Swim Program!

This group is designed for the casual recreational swimmer age 50 and over who desires to add some variety and new skills to their swim routine with the goal of improving their existing stroke for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness and hence enjoyment with the added benefits of aerobic conditioning and avoidance of repetitive motion injury.  If you feel intimidated by the more competitive focused training groups,  or lack the desire or time commitment to train at that level, this group is designed for you. Come enjoy the camaraderie of like -minded swimmers for a gentle, workout that emphasizes technique and limitless fun for overall aerobic wellness.  Requirement...a cap, suit, goggles and the ability to swim 4 laps of the pool.

Practices for the Adult Swim program are offered 2 days per week at the NL Aquatic Center.  Come join Coach Carol Restrepo for a great workout!


Tuesdays and Thursdays - 11:00am to 12:00pm


  • Program Fee - $20 per month to participate 
  • NL Aquatics Membership Fee - We are pleased to offer a special discounted membership to our Seniors and Individuals participating in SJAC Programs

For more information, contact sjac[email protected]!