2018-2019 Parent Committee

Presidents – Rob and Meg Zeigler

  • Work with Pete and Kristen Holcroft to organize Parent Committee meetings and make sure parent committee is staying on task.  Parent Committee meetings will be once a month.

Vice-President - Jodi and Mark Swanholm

  • Help President with running the meetings and making sure parent committee is running smoothly.

Treasurer - Kristen Holcroft

Secretary - Tracy Kiesel

  • Take notes at each meeting, email out the notes to team members and post online.

Officials Coordinator - Stephanie Zane

  • Coordinate officials for SJAC hosted meets.  Get more parents involved in officiating at meets.  Coordinate training for officials.

Banquet Coordinator

  • organize the end of the year banquet

Meet Manager - Missy Lang

  1. Individual meet coordinator – making sure all parent volunteer slots are filled for their meet and then reconciling volunteer hours on team unify.  Available during the entire meet to direct volunteers and fill in where needed
  2. Stager coordinator/stagers - One person in charge of 4-8 other people under them. 
  3. Timers
  4. Hospitality - Kristy Kline (coordinator)
  5. Safety-Shawn Watson, Tyler Santangelo, Hal Circus
  6. Meet Director-Peter Holcroft and Justin Alsobrooks
  7. Gator Classic- Leslie Oleaga, Craig Barbroff, Jen McGrann
  8. Mini Meets - Tara Geist
  9. Volunteer Coordinator- Lynne Cona

Fundraising Coordinator - Colin and Kim Seybold

  • Fundraising Committee will organize all fundraising events throughout the year, with an emphasis on the Swim-a-thon, plus corporate sponsorships for swim meets.  The committee will also work with the Pete, Kristen and the coaches to decide how the fundraising money should be spent.  The Special Olympic Team should be included within the fundraising effort. 

Social Media Coordinator - Erin McGlynn

  • Directs and makes sure all the groups are staying on top of their pictures and slide show construction.  Also coordinates photos and posts to be shared on social media.
    1. We’re also looking for people in each group to take pictures throughout the year and store on google photo and construct a slide show for that group during the year.  Google photo is all set up and ready to go.  This slide show would be shown at the end of the year banquet.  Also responsible for the senior slide show and coordinating the end of the year SJAC program book.

Group Leaders - Direct liaison between coaches and parents.  Work with coaching staff to organize social activities.  Go-to person for group questions/comments.  Mentor to new families

  1. Bronze- Mark Mancenelli & Alison Achey
  2. Silver- Sue Massot
  3. Gold- Jeff Keisel & Tish Leone
  4. Gold Select- Stephanie Dicekmann
  5. Senior- Kara Pley
  6. Platinum - Brad Hare

Travel Coordinators – Jami Bocaj; Danielle Hare

  • Coordinate all hotels, flights, vans and food for all travel meets with Kristen Holcroft. Works with Kristen, Pete and Fundraising Coordinator in determining travel fees.

Apparel: NL Pro Shop - Jami Bocaj

Community Service - Kris Fohring, Jil Grahl, Joe Kuder

  • Set up our community Service activities with Joe Kuder






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