SJAC Volunteering

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SJAC sponsored events thrive on the support of our families and USA Swimming requires a certain number of volunteers to run the meets.  If we do not have the required number of volunteers, our meets will not be sanctioned.  Families working together and sharing responsibilities needed to run team events ensure a more rewarding and successful swimming experience for our children and their families.  We have many activities that could not run without your help.  With this in mind we have set up a service requirement for all families.  The requirements are set by the SJAC Parent Committee and managed by our SJAC Volunteer Coordinator.  Any questions about service hours should be directed to [email protected].

At this time, the number of hours required by each family has not been determined.  Once the SJAC Parent Committee has decided on the hours needed, SJAC families will be notified.

Hours Requirement
  • All families will be subject to a Service Hours Fee (SHF) of $20 per hour for any hours not completed.
  • All families will be required to complete a certain number of volunteer hours.
Monitoring / Viewing Your Hours Worked
  • You can see exactly how many hours you have worked and how many hours remain at anytime through the SJAC Website.
    • ​Log into your account
    • Go to My Account > My Invoice/Payment > Service


Volunteering at SJAC Hosted Meets


  • Each meet will have a volunteer "Job Signup" link which will have all of the available jobs listed.
  • If you sign up for a job and need to switch, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. 
  • The Job sign up for each meet will remain open until 12:00 AM on the last day of the meet.  In order to get credit for your hours you MUST register online for the jobs you worked.
  • Hours worked will reflect the actual meet timeline (i.e. if the meet ends earlier than the job sign up states, the actual hours worked will be used).


Volunteering at Non-SJAC Hosted Meets
  • At larger meets we will be required to provide a certain amount of volunteers.  A sign up page will be created and e-mailed to those families attending the meet.
  • If you sign up for a job and can not work, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.  In this case you MUST e-mail the volunteer coordinator at [email protected] to let her know of the switch in order to properly adjust the hours. 
  • If you work at a meet that does NOT require us to provide help you must E-mail the volunteer coordinator and let her know which meet you worked, which session, and what your role was. 



Volunteering at Team Activities
  • If you are asked by a coach to help with a team/group activity, please E-mail [email protected] with the volunteer hours you performed.