Outlaw Traning & Fitness

SJAC Athlete & Coaches Personal and Group Traning Special

Personal Performance Pack (45-55 Minutes)

8 Pack - $400

12 Pack - $600

Group Tranining (45-55 Minutes) 3-6 People

8 Pack - $620

12 Pack - $900

- All training package pricing is split between group members.

- If a member cannot make a training session, the session still counts for the group.

Why Outlaw Training & Fitness?

Geoffrey (owner of Outlaw Training & Fitness) has been in the fitness industy for over 25 years, where he specialized in performance and recovery. He is a certified master sports performance specialist and a certified fascial streth specialist.

Geoffrey has been building his resume over the past 2 and a half decads working with middle school, high school, college, and professional athletes. He currently works with several players from the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Sixers, and Philadelphia Phillies. Geoffrey has worked with top tear swimmers in the community as well as swimmers at the collegiate level.

With the additional of Geoffrey and the Outlaw Staff, our SJAC Sports Medicine Team Phyiscal Therapist Laura J. Phillips, P.T., L.M.T. and our coaching staff have been hard at work implementing the findings from our Athlete Longevity Screening into each group's own dynamic warm up and dryland programs!

For more information please contact Outlaw Training & Fitness at

(856) 829 - 2142 or email [email protected]

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