Masters Program

Contact Tyler Santangelo  to register for the Masters Program.  Pricing and Insurance requirements are listed below.

Group Description

  • Swimmers 18 & over looking to gain swimming experience, currently a master swimmer, &/or triathlon experience.  
  • Practices offered 4 times per week. (3 mornings, and 1 weekend practice)    
  • Also this is for those wanting to gain helpful technique work to increase stroke efficiency, through drills that focus on core stabilization in the water. Having training partners increases motivation and helps to make workouts more valuable and fun.  

$35 per month (SJAC Team Fees) & $25 per month (NL Aquatic Center Membership)

Visiting swimmers can practice with the team for a "drop-in" rate of $10 per workout.

Partial month refunds can not be provided.  If leaving, members must e-mail the SJAC Registration Admin prior to the first of the month in order to cancel their membership before the next month's billing date.

NL Aquatic Center Membership
(Required to use the Aquatic Center)
The $25 NLAC Family Membership is a special SJAC discounted rate that will give your family access to open lap swim and discounts on other NLAC run classes.  To register for your NLAC Family Membership please go to the NL Aquatics Website and look for the "SJAC Family Membership" at the bottom of the page. NOTE: Members with a child (or more than 1) on the SJAC Competitive Team are ALREADY NLAC Members and DO NOT need to sign up for an NLAC Membership.

USMS Registration
​For insurance purposes - ALL masters swimmers are required to be registered with United States Masters Swimming (USMS).  You can learn more about USMS and register online here

Practice Schedule

All workouts held at the NL Aquatic Center


Coached Workouts

Monday & Wednesday

5:30 - 6:30 AM


6:30 - 7:30 AM

Non-Coached Workouts


5:30 - 6:30 AM