2021-22 Parent Committee

PresidentsRob and Meg Zeigler

  • Work with Pete and Kristen Holcroft to organize Parent Committee meetings and make sure parent committee is staying on task.  Parent Committee meetings will be once a month.

Vice-President - Jodi and Mark Swanholm

  • Help President with running the meetings and making sure parent committee is running smoothly.

Treasurer - Kristen Holcroft

Secretary - Tracy Kiesel

  • Take notes at each meeting, email out the notes to team members and post online.

Officials Coordinator - Stephanie Zane and Scott Peters

  • Coordinate officials for SJAC hosted meets.  Get more parents involved in officiating at meets.  Coordinate training for officials.

Volunteer Coordinator- Christine Volm

  • Works with Committee leaders to make sure all positions are filled and reconciles hours after events.  Sets up Team Unify for timers and runners.

Head Meet Coordinator - Lee Leibowitz

Fundraising Coordinator 

  • Fundraising Committee will organize all fundraising events throughout the year, with an emphasis on the Swim-a-thon, Wine & Beer Social, Golf Outing, and Sports Pools (Football, March Madness, etc)  The committee will also work with the Pete, Kristen and the coaches to decide how the fundraising money should be spent, including travel and Special Olympics.  In addition, each event will have their own committee
    • ​Beer Social - Jeff Kiesel, 
    • Football/March Madness - 
    • Golf Outing - Kristin Fitzpatrick

Banquet Coordinator - Erin McGlynn

  • organize the end of the year banquet

Group Leaders - Direct liaison between coaches and parents.  Work with coaching staff to organize social activities.  Help recruit parents from each age group to register for meet volunteer positions.  Point of contact for new parents and returning parents who have questions about the team, meets, or events.  Also coordinates pictures for their group throughout the year to store on google photo and construct a slide show for that group to show at the end of the year banquet/Senior Slide Show,

  1. Bronze II - Tanya Myers
  2. Bronze I - Joy Malko, Lauren Miscioscia
  3. Silver I - Sue Massott, Christina Clark
  4. Silver II
  5. Gold I 
  6. Gold II - Jen Sands, Marc Mancinelli
  7. Gold Select Elite - Kristin Fitzpatrick, Jeff Kiesel
  8. Gold Select I - Aliya Lawson
  9. Gold Select II
  10. Senior I - Beth McAveety, Erika Peterson, Katie Pushkar, Maria Christianson, Jessica Kutikov
  11. Senior II - 
  12. Platinum - Jodi Swanholm, Meg Cottrell

Travel Coordinators - Lisa Fitzpatrick, Avery Giordano

  • Coordinate all hotels, flights, vans and food for all travel meets with Kristen Holcroft. Works with Kristen, Pete and Fundraising Coordinator in determining travel fees.

Apparel: NL Pro Shop - Meredith Mann

Community Service - Marleen Schwartz, Stephanie Jacovini

  • Set up our community Service activities 


Parent Advisory Board Meeting Minutes 

3/29/23 - SJAC Parent Committee Meeting - CLICK HERE

3/1/2023 - SJAC Parent Committee Meeting - CLICK HERE

2/2/2023 - SJAC Parent Committee Meeting - CLICK HERE

1/11/2023 - SJAC Parent Committee Meeting - CLICK HERE

11/2/2022 - SJAC Parent Committee Meeting CLICK HERE

10/04/22 - SJAC Parent Committee Meeting - Click HERE

06/06/22 - SJAC Parent Committee Meeting - Click HERE 

02/02/22 - SJAC Parent Committee Meeting - Click HERE 

01/06/22 - SJAC Parent Committee Meeting - Click HERE 

12/08/21 - SJAC Parent Committee Meeting - Click HERE 

11/02/21 - SJAC Parent Committee Meeting - Click HERE 

10/04/21 - SJAC Parent Committee Meeting -  Click HERE

09/08/21 - SJAC Parent Committee Meeting - Click HERE

07/15/21 - SJAC Parent Committee Meeting - Click HERE