SJAC Swim Team

SJAC is a year round competitive swim team which competes under the governing body of USA Swimming.  SJAC's program was created to reach swimmers of all ages and levels.  In addition to the Competitive Swim Team, SJAC's program includes a Junior Team, a Seasonal Competitive/Non-Competitive team, a USMS affiliated and coached Masters Program, a High School Prep Team, an adult and youth Water Polo program, and Learn-to-Swim program.

SJAC Philosophy

We believe that swimming should be enjoyed, not endured.  Swimmers who take control of their swim careers get the most out of their sport.  Emphasis is placed on developing total body and core strength with the goal of individual stroke development.  The long-term focus is life-long development of total mind and body health.

As a team, we work under one united philosophy.  The foundation of the program encompasses the following principles:

  • To create an atmosphere that enhances social skills, good sportsmanship and an appreciation of others.
  • To provide a safe atmosphere that strictly adheres to the USA Swimming Safe Sport guidelines.
  • To develop swimmers of all levels of ability, while stressing the importance of proper stroke mechanics.
  • To develop skills to promote swimming as a lifelong sport.
  • To offer children an opportunity to develop their physical conditioning by using fun and challenging strategies.
  • To learn the value of competition while striking a balance to reach both the competitive and recreational swimmer.
  • To provide competitive opportunities for success in all levels of swimming.
  • Above all...To Go For GREATNESS!!!!!!


Code of Conduct

Purpose: To provide for the best possible individual, team and program responsibility which promotes the sport of swimming, helps to develop the athletic ability and character of the individual swimmers, and helps maintain SJAC Swim Team’s reputation and standing as a “world class” swim team.

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NL Aquatic Center Membership Policy

Swim Team Requirements:

All Swim Team Members must have a Membership at the NL Aquatic Center in order to participate in practices and meets.  This includes both the Competitive Team and the Non-Competitive/SJAC II team (Silver II, Gold II, Senior II, Gold Select II). 

Lessons Requirements:

Anyone participating in the SJAC lesson program (which includes the Junior Team, Home School, and Fit-Tech programs) has the option to either become a member of the facility (at a discounted rate) or pay an annual fee. Members benefit from a discounted rate on the lesson program which will be applied when you register for lessons. 

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SJAC Swim Team Travel Policy

Swim Team Travel is defined as any trip in which part or all of the team travels to and from a competition which requires swimmers/coaches to stay overnight in a hotel.

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SJAC Team Uniform Policy

All swimmers must adhere to this policy at swim meets.  Swimmers will not be permitted to participate in a swim meet if they are not in compliance with the Team Uniform Policy.  Only authorized SJAC team t-shirts are allowed.  Homemade t-shirts, pants, jackets, etc. are not allowed at any time while at a swim meet.  All swimmers should get into the habit of wearing sneakers and socks (to keep the feet warm) between events at swim meets.  Finally, swimmers are permitted to wear SJAC jackets or parkas on deck at swim meets in instances where they would like to stay a bit warmer.  Jackets, parkas, bags, warm-ups, t-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, sweatpants or any other article of clothing that shows the name, slogan, or logo of another team (including summer league teams, high school teams, and the Middle Atlantic Zone team) are not permitted at swim meets at any time.  These items are also not to be worn at any time while on a team travel trip.

Coaches/Meet Itinerary will inform all swimmers/parents of the T-Shirt colors for meets.


Lesson Make-up Policy 

  • It is your responsibility to show up on time for ALL of your scheduled lessons.
  • Group make ups will be held only during end of session make up weeks during your normally scheduled lesson time. We offer only 1 make-up for our group sessions.   ​
  • Water Babies make ups may be done at any time during the session so long as there is room in the class. We will do our best to accommodate the schedule change for that week. This can only be done a maximum of 2 times per session. 
  • Privates must cancel 24 hrs in advance to avoid being charged for a missed lesson.  
  • ​A 6 pack of private lessons must be completed within 9 weeks unless extended by the Lesson Director
  • ​Private Lessons must be renewed before or on the last lesson of the current session to reserve your day/time
  • If your swimmer does not show up for his/her lesson and no one is notified you will be charged for the missed lesson. 
  • If you need to switch your day/time during the session please notify the office as soon as possible, we will do our absolute best to accommodate your needs.
  • Should there be an emergency or extreme circumstances please contact our office as soon as possible and we will be happy to work with you. 

*All Classes run on time.  It is your responsibility to show up on time at your scheduled time. Our classes do run back to back.  If you show up 5-10 min late your class has started and you may not make that time up!


Lesson Payment Policy

Your group lessons must be paid for prior to your first class. If payment is not received prior to your first class you will lose your spot in the session and your lessons will be canceled. 

Your private lessons must be paid prior to your first class.  If payment is not received by your second class you will lose your spot and your lessons will be canceled.  Renewals must be paid for prior to the end of the current session to reserve your day/time for the next session. Private lessons must be used within one year from date purchased or they will expire – no exceptions!

Please contact our office for installment options regarding private lesson packages, or if you have multiple swimmers in our learn-to-swim program.