Currently at this time we are unable to accept additional participants due to space constraints


How To Join

Dolphins Swim team has 6 different training levels that are broken up by both age and ability. In order to place someone in the appropriate group a swimmer wanting to join the team must participate in an placement evaluation.

Evaluations can be set up by appointment, or you can check the website for evaluation weeks during the Month of July and March. To set an appointment you need to contact Competitive Aquatic Director Tim Ryan at [email protected]  or 215-348-8131 X:1149

An evaluation is coach led and consists of a technique evaluation for all of the four strokes and any skills necessary based on the age of the participant. The coach may ask the athlete to do more based on what they observe during the evaluation.  Swimmers must be able to swim 25 meters of the 4 competitive strokes  and more depending on age and level. 

After an evaluation the Head Age Group Coach will make a recommendation for what the next step is for the athlete. This may include placement on the team or a recommendation of lessons through the CBF YMCA lesson program. Coaches look at both age and ability for each swimmer when placing them in a group and it should be trusted that they are making a recommendation which is best for the athlete.

You can view practice times by group on the website to determine whether practice times work for you and your athlete. Most communication is done through the website and email to reach all of our members. You should expect emails with important reminders every 1 to 2 weeks depending on the time of year. If you have any questions about joining the team you should contact Tim Ryan.