Coaches and Directors

Coaches and Directors
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Tim Ryan Regional Director of Comp. Swim

Tim joined the YMCA Of Bucks County  in April of 2014. He is Responsible for the YMCA Of Bucks County competitive swim programs.  Tim is dedicated to coaching young athletes and helping them grow and develop, not just in the pool but out of it as well.  My goal is to produce great swimmers and great people through the YMCA mission and culture.

Tim has over 19 years’ experience in competitive swim coaching. Tim started his coaching experience in 2000 with the Hatboro Area YMCA and continued coaching with the Ambler YMCA through 2007.  Tim came to the Central Bucks & Lower Bucks Family YMCA from Upper Main Line YMCA (UMLY) where he coached alongside Glenn Neufeld who is currently the Head Coach and of the Mercersburg Academy. 

Tim graduated from Springfield College in 2001 with a Bachelors (B.S.) Degree in Sports and Business Management.  Tim is currently YMCA and USA certified swim coach with an American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA) level III certification.       

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Mary Catherine Capizzi Lead Senior Coach

Lead Senior Coach:

I don't really remember a time not being in the water.  At a young age my mother had myself and my siblings in swim lessons which then turned into swim team.  Her logic was we were all tired out and cleaned on a regular basis!  Growing up in North Carolina we belonged to the AAU swimming organization, swimming full winter seasons.  Carpooling was the way to go.  Tumbling down the driveway in the early morning hours, pop-tart in hand, we met our friend's mom who took us to AM workout.  My mom picked up and drove us to school.  On the way we ate the breakfast she had prepared for us.   Summers we joined an outdoor swim club, swimming and competing with friends from the winter program.  We basically lived at the pool, starting with the chilly early morning practice then playing all day in and out of the pool followed by afternoon practice then home.  With NC heat being what it is, it was the best place to be and besides, what kid doesn't want to hang out all day with their friends?!  Along the way I also studied dance and gymnastics, but swimming always remained a constant.  In high school I swam for our high school team.

Upon entering the University of NC, I took a break from swimming.  However, having always been an active person and one who enjoyed group activities, I searched for something to fill that void.  It was there I had the opportunity to explore the Korean martial art of TaeKwonDo.  The self-discipline and perseverance I learned from swimming lent itself to my martial art study.  TaeKwonDo I found also ev

oked the same life lessons I had learned by being part of a swim team.  Both disciplines allowed me to grow and challenge myself on an individual level as well as on a communal level.  Both stressed the importance of attention to the process –that it was from the journey that we learned, not the medal at the end. It also brought about my passion for teaching and working with children.  As a second degree black belt, I worked with both children and adults for 7 years – each age group bringing their own set of challenges and opportunities for me to grow from as a person.

With the many twists and turns life has brought, I am happy to once again have the opportunity to work with children in a sport I love.   I always tell people swimming is the one sport you will always be able to come back too, no matter how old you are or what condition your body is in.  I feel fortunate to be a part of this coaching team here at CBFYMCA and am dedicated to developing a healthy and comprehensive swimming program for your children.

I am also an ASCA Level 1 certified coach.

Betsy McCormick Assistant Coach
Jean Cauller Assistant Coach
As a child, I had swim lessons at the  Y and used to watch the swim team practice at the Baker Park Pool in Phoenixville. When the swim team finished their practice, I would get in and try to emulate their strokes in order to improve my swimming skills. When at West Chester University, I chose Swimming Styles and Life Saving as my 2 required Physical Education classes. 
Shortly after I moved to Doylestown in 1994, I signed my 2 daughters up for swim lessons at the Y. While they were in their lessons, I took advantage of the opportunity to improve my swimming skills. it was during this time that David Harrison, a long-time Masters Swimmer, began giving me pointers and suggested that I join Masters. With the overwhelming support of the Masters Team, swimming soon became my passion. A few years ago, Gretchen Booth, also a Master swimmer and coach, taught me how to do flip turns and encouraged me to swim in my very first swim meet (3 so far). 
In 2011, when the need and opportunity presented itself, I became a swim instructor at the CBFYMCA, teaching the 3-5 year old beginner levels at first. I enjoyed helping fearful Pikes gain confidence and learn how to be safe in the water. I then took the 24-hour class over 2 weekends to become a  Y Certified Swim Instructor. Soon after that, I wanted to challenge myself even further by shadowing the swim team so that I can teach the advanced swimmers. I recognized the importance of teaching swim skills correctly from the start. Now I get excited to see so many familiar faces on the Intramural Team. I am thrilled to be a part of the Dolphins Team.
Gretchen Booth Assistant Coach
Eve Zucker Assistant Coach
Tanya Barone-Durant Assistant Coach

Tanya is excited to join the Central Bucks Family YMCA this year as an assistant swim coach for Age Groups 1 and 2.  As a coach, Tanya is dedicated to the idea that sport is a terrific way to help athletes succeed in life by teaching characteristics like hard work, fair play, and teamwork, while also teaching swimmers to be friendly on the pool deck, but fierce in the water.

Tanya has over 20 years of experience coaching and began her coaching career in 1996 as the head coach of the Fanny Chapman Swim Team.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Lehigh University (1999) where she competed all four years on their Championship Swimming and Diving Team.  Tanya also holds a Master’s of Education in Kinesiology specializing in sport psychology from Temple University, as well as a Master’s of Education in Secondary School Counseling from Lehigh University.  Tanya has been with the Central Bucks School District since 2008 as a school counselor at Central Bucks High School- East.  She began working as a school counselor in 2004 at Green Run High School in Virginia Beach, VA where she coached both Varsity field hockey and swimming.  Over the years Tanya has coached swimming at all levels including age group, high school, club, and collegiate levels.   During the summer of 2019, she returned to coaching as the Head Swim Coach of the Fanny Chapman Swim Team, after taking time off of the pool deck to have her two children. 

Bill Bodor Strength & Conditioning Coach

Bill is the lead strength & Conditioning "dryland" coach for all competitive swimmer age groups. Bill originally joined the YMCA of Central Bucks in January of 2013 as an aquatics coach for younger age groups. In 2015, Bill graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Exercise Science and has continued to be a part of our YMCA in many ways. He's worked in aquatics, sports, camps, fitness and adaptive sports, fitness and aquatics over the years. Outside the YMCA, Bill brings years of experience as the lead exercise physiologist at a physical therapy and rehabilitation facility. His specialties are medically oriented fitness and sports performance programming.

"I believe having experience and knowledge of sports injuries, how to prevent them and how to rehab them allows me to design and prescribe well rounded and well informed physical activity routines specific to my clients sports, goals, needs and abilities. I'm thrilled to be working with the YMCA competitive swim team as their strength and conditioning coach! My goal is to produce healthy, well rounded athletes and upstanding members of our Doylestown community through physical activity and the YMCA mission and culture."
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