Saturday Meet #3

Matthew Ellis
YSCAP Meet Info:

Warm Up Assignments: 
12:00-12:15: Upper Perk 
12:15-12:30: Carlisle
12:30-12:45: Chambersburg
12:45-1:00: NDCY 

Lane Assignments Warm Up/Warm Down Pool

Lane 1 & 2: Upper Perk
Lane 3 & 4: Carlisle
Lane 5: Chambersburg
Lane 6: NDCY

Team Seating Area
Team 1: NDCY and Chambersburg
Team 2: Upper Perk
Team 3: Carlisle 

Officials and Timers:
If you can each make sure you have two timers and any officials would be greatly appreciated.  So far I have 2-3 officials from Upper Perk and 2 from Carlisle...THANK YOU :) 

If anyone has a parent who wouldn't mind being the announcer then please let me know.  I don't have any parents who have stepped up for that spot yet but I can certainly "force" someone to if needed.  

(Email coach Matt if you want to do this)