Our beginner group is for 8 an under athletes who have no or little competitive experience, but are beyond swim lessons. Instructional will be based on improving stoke technique in the four competitive strokes, while preparing swimmers for competition. Emphasis will be n having fun through improvement and in filling a love for swimming. The only requirement is that the swimmer should be able to breathe rhythmically while swimming one lap of the pool.


Emphasis will be placed on mastering skills in the four competitive strokes, as well as start and turns. Athletes will become familiar with team stroke drills in order to become legal and to refine technique in butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. Endurance work will be introduced using a pace clock during sets (completing 20 minute sets). Swimmers in this group will compete in SAL swim meets.


Emphasis is on longer sets with more intensity using faster sendoffs to enhance conditioning. Fine tuning the four competitive strokes along with work on starts and turns will increase efficiency and speed. Athletes will learn to maintain focus throughout the entire practice while increasing breath control, distance per stroke, and decreasing drag. This group will also swim in SAL meets.


Athletes in this group will be ready for longer sets (competing 40 minute sets) and conditioning. They will be instructed in setting goals and understand what needs to be done to obtain those goals. Focus will be on aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. These athletes will be leaders and mentors in and out of the pool, expected to interact with the younger and developing swimmers helping to instill an excitement for competition and teamwork.