Return to the Pool

2020 Fall Warm-Up Clinics

Welcome to CCA's Session 1 at GPCC for November 2020! The session will consist of 3 weeks beginning 11/4/20. As we work through the challenges of COVID-19, we are excited to offer training for our swimmers and divers. To maintain a safe environment and in coordination with GPCC, spots for this session are limited. All athletes, coaches, staff, volunteers, and parents must abide by the CCA Return to the Pool Swimming & Diving Safely Plan.Swim and dive training is limited to the following:

  • Swimmers ages 9 & Up
  • Divers ages 8&Up
  • Swimmers and divers must have prior training experience (we are limited with the number of coaches allowed on deck - swimmers must be able to complete sets without stopping) 
  • If you have questions about your child's participation please email us at [email protected]

This is a first come, first served registration. Once all registration spots are full, registration is closed.

The following groups will be available:

Group Ages Days Time Spots Cost
Swim 1 9-10 Wed/Fri 7:10-8:10 14 $65
Swim 2 11& Up Wed/Fri 8:15-9:15 14 $65
Swim Friday 9&Up Friday TBD  16 $35
Diving 1 8-10 Wed 7:10-8:10 8 $35
Diving 2 11&Up Wed 8:15-9:15 8 $35

* The Friday Swim groups will be determined on ability. The Friday only swimmers will be placed in either the 7:10-8:10 or 8:15-9:15 training sessions.

All swimmers and divers are requried to come to practice ready to enter the pool, with their bathing suits on. The locker rooms will be closed with only a family bathroom open for emergency use. No spectators are permitted inside the facility. We are limited to 2 swimmers/divers per lane. All swimmers must wear masks when entering and leaving the facility. Coaches will wear masks at all times.


All parents/guardians must agree to the below terms and accept the waiver at the time of registration:

  • I will drop my athlete off at the prescribed time (no more than 5 minutes before practice) and understand I cannot enter into the facility.
  • My child will wear a mask when entering and leaving the facility.
  • My athlete will be ready to train, with suit on, and bag packed with towel, goggles, and water bottle labeled with name.
  • I will promptly pick my athlete up at the designated location upon completion of practice.
  • If my athlete is sick, has a fever over 100.4, or possibly has been exposed to someone who has COVID-19, I will not send them to practice that day. Additionally, I will follow all quarantine protocols recommended by the CDC.
  • My athlete will not be able to use the locker room facilities to change in or out of their swimsuit. The restrooms will only be available for emergency restroom purposes, one athlete at a time.


Because of the limited number of spots for these clinics, refunds will not be issued absent a showing of cause. In the event that the clinics do not proceed to completion dates, CCA will determine refunds and/or reimbursements. 


We have worked hard to provide our athletes with this opportunity and cannot thank all of those who have helped, including the coaches, volunteers, CCA Board, and parents for making this happen. This is new to all of us, so please be considerate of the facility, coaches, staff, and volunteers and abide by all procedures. We will continue to explore opportunities as the year progresses. At CCA, “we are more!”