The CVAC Team is divided into 4 Practice Levels.  Swimmers will be placed by the coaching staff in the appropriate Group based on their age, overall skills, and endurance level.  As swimmers develop and are assessed, they will be advised if they are ready to advance to the next Level.


Practice Times: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6:00-7:00 pm

This is the first competitive practice group offered by the CVAC Swim Team and is designed for swimmers age 6-9.  Swimmers on the Mini Team will have the opportunity to practice three (3) times per week for 1 hour, learning how to better their stroke technique in all four competitive strokes, streamlining, basic diving techniques in preparation for racing starts, and to learn the rules governing the competitive strokes. When ready, swimmers will participate in the CPAL competitive Meet Schedule. Swimmers must: be in school full-time; be able to swim 25 yds of Freestyle or Backstroke; and have the ability to follow instruction for 1 hour.


Practice Times: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 6:00-7:00 pm

Swimmers in this group have the opportunity to practice four (4) times per week for one hour and may include additional basic stretching.  Training is designed for Swimmers ages 8-12. Practice attendance is not required for this group, but it is recommended that swimmers attend at least three out of the four practices each week.  Red swimmers will continue to learn proper stroke technique of all four competitive strokes, streamlines, racing starts and turns, how to use the pace clock and the rules for competition.  Swimmers will compete in CPAL Meets culminating with a Championship Meet at the end of February. USA Swimming Registration is optional.


Practice Times: Monday-Friday 7:00-8:45 pm

White is designed for team members age 10 and older who can demonstrate a willingness to train and compete in all strokes and distances. Swimmers in this group have the opportunity to practice five (5) times per week. Swimmers are in the water for up to 100 minutes and training will include dryland activities. Practice attendance is not required, but it is strongly recommended that swimmers attend at least four out of the five practices each week. Swimmers learn advanced stroke technique and race strategy.  USA Swimming Registration is required. Swimmers will compete in CPAL and USA Swimming Meets including Middle Atlantic March Championships. 


Practice Times: Monday-Friday 6:45-8:45, Saturday 9:00-Noon

Placement in this group requires well developed time management skills and commitment to a rigorous training schedule. The Eagle training group is for student athletes age 12 and older who possess the ability commitment, motivation, and dedication to pursue Senior Level Qualifying Times. Swimmers will have up to (6) 2-hour practices per week as well as Dryland Sessions. Training will focus on Performance at High School and USA Championships Meets in March.