CVAC is required by law to follow Act 153 regarding volunteer background check requirements and we need many volunteers to successfully run our meets. 

If you have your Clearances:

Within the past 5 years if you have obtained your clearances, please forward your documents to [email protected] or you may place a printed copy in the locked payment box.  The payment box is located underneath the pool staircase.

If you do NOT have your Clearances:

Please follow the instructions below in order to obtain the 3 necessary clearances.

Child Abuse History Certification (Act 151)

  • Click on this link to get started:
  • Click “Create Individual Account” enter all information.  Once you submit your information, you will receive two emails (one with your Keystone ID/user name, the other with your temporary password). 
  • Sign back on to the website above.  Click on “Individual Login” using the temporary password  provided.  You will be prompted to set a permanent password.  It will then prompt you to sign on to your account using your permanent password. You need to keep this user name and password in order to retrieve your results later!  You should receive an email (could take up to 14 days) with instructions on how to retrieve your results.

The Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Record Check (Act 34)

  • Click on this link to get started:
  • Click on “New Record Check” (Volunteers Only)
  • On the Personal Information Review page, if everything is correct, click “Proceed”
  • On Record Check Request form, enter your personal information, click “Enter This Request”
  • At this point, it appears that the information you just entered disappears, however, scroll down the page and you will see “View Queued Record Check Request’s (1)”, under that, click on “Finished”
  • On the Record Check Request Review page, click “Submit”
  • Once the system has run your check, you need to click on the “Control Number”
  • On the Record Check Details page, click “Certification Form”
  • You now have your certificate to print to a PDF or print a hard copy


FBI Federal Criminal History Clearance Procedures (For Volunteer Purposes)


Note: Only volunteers who have not resided in Pennsylvania for the previous 10 years must obtain the FBI Fingerprint Clearance. Volunteers who have resided in PA for the last 10 years may complete a Disclosure Statement Application for Volunteers in lieu of the FBI clearance (access this form here).


  1. Visit the Idemia (formerly MorphoTrust USA, LLC) website to get started:  
  2. Enter Service Code (Use code 1KG6Y3 for PA Department of Education (PDE) – Volunteer) and click “Go”.
  3. Click on “Schedule or Manage Appointment”.
  4. Complete personal information through subsequent screens.
  5. Make note of your confirmation number and fingerprinting information.
  6. Visit the IdentoGo center of your choice to pay the appropriate fee and have your fingerprinting completed.  
  7. Once fingerprinted, provide a copy of your confirmation to the Cumberland Valley Human Resources Department.  The official Federal Criminal History Record will be available to the Cumberland Valley Human Resources Department online.


Need to check the expiration of your clearances or are unsure whether the team has them on file? This info can be found here.


When you have your clearances, please email a copy of your clearances to [email protected] or you may place a printed copy in the locked payment box.  The payment box is located underneath the pool staircase.

Please remember to keep copies of your clearances for your own personal records.