East Coast C-Cerpants


Annual Policy and Acknowledgments


Hello All ECCC Swim Family Members~

We are excited to be off to a great start to our annual season. It’s great to see so many returning members, as well as the new families that have joined our team. We are always looking for ways to improve and expand our swim family. 

Just as with back to school, back to the pool deck comes with it’s own housekeeping issues. Every year we have forms that each family needs to complete to maintain their active records, and we have training to complete to ensure we have the safest environment for our swimmers.

Below is a list of FIVE MAJOR training/policy areas that all our swimmers and swim families need to familiarize themselves with and understand. Each topic contains a link that will take you to the training material for the policy area. All members and their families are required to comply with these policies as a condition of your membership on the team. This helps us ensure your swimmers have the best environment possible. As you are reviewing the information, please let us know if you have any questions.

  1. ECCC Team Policy Guide

  2. COVID-19 Policy 

  3. Minor Athlete Protection Policy 2.0 and Training Resources 

  4. Concussion Policy

  5. Facility Guidelines

Once you and your family have completed review of the policy and training information, we ask you to print, sign, and return the location specific ACKNOWLEDGMENT DOCUMENT PACKET. Forms can be sent in with your swimmer and turned in to their practice coach at the beginning of the session. We ask for the beginning of the session to avoid wet soggy documents subjected to the elements of the pool deck. And yes, original signatures are required, we appreciate your understanding.

We thank everyone for their help with compliance matters. We want all team members to have their time spent with ECCC to be enjoyable, memorable, and safe!