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Fundraising Schedule


September                 –     Fall Mum Sale - Order Collection Period:  Sept. 14th - 27th.  Forms and Payment Due: Sept. 28th

                                          Forms may be turned in at Practice on Sept. 28th  or emailed to [email protected]  Click Here for the Mum Order Form


October                      –      R&K Sub and Pretzel Sandwich Sale - Order Collection Period: Oct. 5th - 18th.  Forms and Payment Due: Oct. 19th.

                                                   Forms may be turned in at Practice on Oct. 19th  or emailed to [email protected] Click for Sub Order Form;  Click for Pretzel Order Form


November                        Christmas Wreath and Poinsettia Sale - Order Collection Period: . Forms and Payment Due: .  Click for Wreath Order Form;  Click for Poinsettia Form

                                                    Forms may be turned in at practice on Nov.  or emailed to [email protected]


January                      –      R&K Sub And Pretzel Sandwich Sale - Date TBD.


March                         –      TBD


May                             –      R&K Sub and Pretzel Sandwich Sale. Date TBD.


May – September      –      Hersheypark Summer Volunteering Season (Park Shifts, Concerts, RAMP)

Year Round                –      Giant Store Cards and Sheetz Coupon Booklets (Can be purchased from Nick Fisic during practice, emails will be sent out for what days I will be available weekly)


***Click Here to see how fundraising can work for you!***

Questions about Fundraising should be sent to Nick Fisic at [email protected]


Fundraising credits can be used for base rates, equipment, meet fees (anything that is applied to your account).

***If your account is paid and you have earned additional fundraising profits, it will be credited to your account.

The credit will remain on your account for 12 months. It can be used within 12 months for future registration, meet fees, and other account balances. However if you leave EPAC and do not return and register within 12 months, your fundraising credits will be removed from your account. Those fundraising profits will be returned to the EPAC club.


Fundraiser Information

Stauffer's Mum's Sale

Our 1st fundraiser of the season will be a mum sale.  5 colors to choose from (Red, Orange, Yellow, White and Purple) each in a 9" pot.  Perfect outdoor decoration for the fall season!

Sell mums for $10 and you will profit $3 for each one sold, which will be added to your account at the end of the month.


Stauffer's Wreath and Poinsettia Sale

Holiday Wreath and poinsettia's is another fantastic fundraiser, perfect for holiday decoration!

There are 2 wreath's to choose from; West Coast Mixed Wreath with Pine Cones (20 " overall) and Pa Fraser Fir (22" overall) both cost $20 and will profit $6.

Poinsettia's come in 5" pots with 3 to 4 blooms. Available in 4 colors: Red, Pink, Marble and White.  Sold for $8 each, profiting $3 for your swimmer.


R&K Sub and Pretzel Sandwich Sale

Most everyone is familiar with the R&K Subs in our area, and everyone enjoys an easy dinner.  Selling R&K Subs and Pretzel Sandwiches is an easy way to earn money toward your swimming.

Each item sold earns $2.25 profit.  Your EPAC swimmer earns $2.00 for each sub and pretzel sandwich you sell.  25 cents will go toward the team general fund. So please ask friends, co-workers, and neighbors to support EPAC by purchasing a sub or sandwich.


Hersheypark Volunteering

Hersheypark Volunteering is probably the best way to earn credit during the summer months, and even through the fall and winter as volunteers are always in need!  The fantastic thing about Hersheypark Volunteering is that you can either work the shifts yourself and earn $6 an hour in credit plus gain 1 to 3 Hersheypark Tickets (depending on the shift) that get emailed directly to the volunteer.  These vouchers are good for 18 months after the issue date!  

Another reason this is such a powerful fundraiser is that you do not need to be the one who works the shift.  If you have no need for park tickets, but have friends or family that do, then you can have anyone work the shift for you.  You still earn the hourly credit and your friend or family member receives the park tickets!  We had one EPAC family earn over $400 this summer alone, yet only worked 1 shift personally!

Emails are sent out as they come from Hershey, you reply to the fundraising coordinator who will send in your request.  Once confirmed, mark it on your calendar and follow the instructions sent out with the email for shift information.

There are many opportunities to volunteer for:

  • Guest Experience - Front Gate and Zoo Bridge
  • Attractions/Rides
  • Games
  • Food and Beverage
  • Concerts - Ushers and ticket takers
  • RAMP - Responsible Alcohol Management Program - requires certification, however presents more oppoutunities to volunteer

Credits are earned per hour worked. A typical shift is 4 hours at $6/hr.  The volunteer earns 90% while 10% goes to the team fund.

  • One 4 hour shift earns $21.60 in team credit, work 5 shifts and that adds up to $108 less in swimming costs! Plus all the HP tickets!

Giant Gift Cards

Cash for Cause is a great fundraising opportunity because people purchase groceries, gas or other gift cards from Giant all year long. You don’t have to ask people to make donations or buy extra products. Simply just ask them to shop with gift cards instead of cash or credit.

Your EPAC swimmer will earn 4% of gift cards purchased to be credited into their account, with 1% going to the team fund.

This fundraiser has huge earning potential.  A family normally spends $100 on groceries each week:

If 1 family purchases $100 in Giant Cash for Cause each week for one month:

            1 family X $100 in Cards X 4 weeks = $400.00 in Total Sales

            $400.00 X 5% = $20.00 EPAC swimmer would earn $16 and the club would earn $4.

            $96.00 EPAC swimmer would earn in 6 months for one family, and the club would earn $24.00.

Checks or Money orders made payable to Elite Performance Aquatic Club (EPAC) will be accepted as payment. Please be advised pre-orders will be filled first, others will be on a first come, first serve basis. To purchase Giant Cash for Cause Cards:

Contact our fundraising coordinator Nick Fisic at this email address: [email protected] 


Sheetz Coupon Books

Purchase a coupon book for SHEETZ for only $10.00.  The coupon books would make great little Holiday Gifts, Stocking Stuffers and Thank You Treats!

You will earn $2.00 per book purchased towards your swimmer’s account.

What coupons are in the books?

Free M•T•O® item, Buy One Get One Free M•T•go!® Sandwich or Parfait, Free Bag of Fryz, Free Specialty Coffee, Buy One Get One Free Nutz, Free Self-Serve Brewed Coffee or Fizz City® Fountain Drink (2).

Coupon books are good at all Sheetz Locations and have an expiration date of 3 years! 

Contact Nick Fisic at [email protected] to purchase books.



Now when you shop online at amazon, 0.5% will be donated back to EPAC!

Just click on this link and save EPAC as your preferred charity.

Then bookmark on your phone & computer for shopping!


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Each time you shop using the link above or click on the link on our home page,  EPAC earns 8%!