You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

- Zig Ziglar


We are a volunteer run program. We must have all positions filled for all meets!


***At time of registration there is a $50 Volunteer fee. This $50 will be refunded to your account the following month after the 4 session obligation has been met.***



Timing Volunteers is the best place to be...up close where all the action is!

Timers are responsible for starting and stopping a stopwatch at the start of a race then at the end of the race for the swimmers lane you are timing. You are also either writing the swimmers names and swimmers times on the lane sheet or pressing on a plunger at the end of the race. Timers are usually paired with another timer from another team. Timers are the backup to the touch pad and plunger.


We will train anyone who would like to time.




Backup Timer will start a stopwatch at the beginning of each race just like all the timers in the lanes. But the Backup Timer stays on the side of the pool in case a timer who is timing in a lane needs a backup timer for the end of the event. There are usually two backup timers during a meet.


Finish Judge


A Finish Judge records the lane numbers as the swimmers finish the race.  This serves as another backup to the timing system. Two finish judges are required for each meet. 


Runners will be on deck gathering the Timers sheets from each lane, the sheets from the Finish Judge and DQ cards from the Officials and bring them back to the scorers table.


Ribbons/Awards Volunteer helps place labels onto the correct ribbon and helps sort them into teams.


Officials: Stroke and Turn Judge

The Stroke and Turn Judge  As a parent of a swimmer you have the opportunity to be involved with your child and their sport in various ways. One very instrumental way is by being trained, certified, and working as an Official. Officials are present at all competitions to implement the technical rules of swimming and to ensure that the competition is fair and equitable to everyone. Speak to a board member if interested in becoming certified. Click below to read more about:


Team parent

The Team Parents are in charge of getting swimmers to the pool and their coaches for their events. We have a Team Parent for 8 and under boys, 8 and under girls, 10 and under boys and 10 and under girls.  Team parents receive a meet program of the swim meet so they can help the swimmers stay on track getting them to the correct event, heat and lane on time. TP’s will bring the swimmers to the pool and over to the coaches or in larger meets and invitationals they will have a staging area for the swimmers and the volunteers will get them in and set up.

Please...note this is a great job for parents of the swimmers in the age group to sign up to do and for parents who have younger children not swimming. You can keep them with you while you work.