Five Star Swim Club

When can swimmers new to Five Star register their swimmers for the 22/23 fall/winter season?

Families wishing to register their swimmer for the 22/23 fall/winter season should contact Coach Mark on or after Monday June 27th 2022 to schedule an evaluation session for placement in one the respective practice groups. Coach Mark's contact is [email protected] 

Does a swimmer need prior compettitive swim experience to register with Five Star?

Almost all of Five Star swimmers have had prior competitive swimming experience before enrolling with the Five Star program. Again almost all of swimmers started their competitive experience with a summer swim league team such as Lititz Springs, Skyline, Overlook, Woodridge, Manheim and a host of others.

What minimum swimming abilities should swimers have coming into Five Star?

Swimmers should be able to:

Swim 1 length of the pool Freestyle with breathing to the side and no "doggie paddle" when breathing     

Swim 1 length of the pool Backstroke

Display a working knowledge of Breastroke and Butterfly  

Where does Five Star conduct their practices?

Practices are held at the Lititz Rec Center throughout the school year and in the summer at the Lancaster County Park Pool       

Does a swimmer need to be a member of the Lititz Rec Center to join Five Star?

No. Five Star rents pool space and time from the Lititz rec Center 

Is Five Star in a dual meet league?

No. Five Star is a registered United States Swimming club. The Five Star meets are invitational in nature which we believe gives all swimmers the opportunity to swim a wide variety of events at each meet.    

What are the age groups at the meets that Five Star attends?

Generally, the age groups are 8 & under, 9-10 yr olds, 11-12 year olds, 13-14 year olds, and 15 and older. United States Swimming meets determine the age group the swimmer will compete by the age the swimmer is on the day of the meet not by a set date on the calender.          

How many meets does Five Star attend over the course of a season?

Generally, from September through February the number of meets Five Star will attend is 6 or 7. The March portion of our season is for championship meets if swimmers qualify.     

When are the meets that Five Star attends?

All meets are on weekends.

Do swimmers have to go to every meet?

No. While we encourage swimmers to attend meets as part of the Five Star philosophy, they are not professional athletes! We recognize and encourage our swimmers to prioritize other activities in their lives such as family events and school functions. That being said, Five Star's program is not designed to get swimmers ready for the following summer swim season. Meets measure the growth and development of each swimmers ability.     

Do swimmers have to go to every practice?

No. All of our practcie groups have a variety of practice nights to choose from. We recommend the number of nights a swimmer should strive to attend each week, but the responsibility and accountability to attend practices rest on each swimmer and their family. Five Star recognizes that children and families do better on a set schedule each week, however we also realize that schoolwork and swimmer's health should be first and foremost. We also realize that the word "normal" means many different things to many different families. So practice attendance and nights attended may vary from week to week.