It's your first US Meet! They are a lot of fun, but they are a little different then regular league meets.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

How do I find information about the meet?

Go under events on our webpage and click on the US Meet you are attending, next click on the Meet Information Link (definition below). Also, there is a Team Entry Link that will list what events you are actually signed up for. It is always good to double-check the events as early as possible  for errors, they do not happen often but they do happen. If we know about them early we can try to correct the problem.

         *Meet Information: It is a document that contains the meet location, dates, times,   event order, entry limits, cost per event, parking, and lots of other information!

Why must kids be on deck and parents up in the stands?

It is actually a rule from USA Swimming. And the feeling behind it has a couple reasons: first the deck is crowded with just swimmers and volunteers, and secondly it's good for your child to start learning how to watch for their events.

Why must we arrive before the first warm-up if our warm-up isn't until the last group?

Coaches have scratch papers that must be filled out usually within 30 minutes of warm-ups beginning. Meaning the coach must have all his/her swimmers there to hand it in or he/she must scratch them (take them out of all their events).


*Find out the coach attending the meet and make sure to have their cell phone number incase you are running late, someone gets sick, or any last minute questions.

*Start with a local US Meet

*Pack snacks especially if your child has a lot of events and may not have time to go upstairs/into the stands to go get food.