The month of February ushers in some hard training and a number of meets in preparation for our Championship season. Swimmers really need to be focused at the task at hand. We have been working on a number of things in practice (underwater kicks, streamline, breathing patterns and finishes on races) and the swimmers really need to be dialed in on performing these to the best of their ability. They will not be able to them in a meet if they can't do it in practice. Swimmers should focus on one swim at a time in practice, what can they do better on each repeat.

We have also talked to the swimmers about working together in the lane. If they all work together, the whole lane will benefit. let faster swimmers go ahead (this will most likely change for different strokes and/or distances). Encourage ALL swimmers to help get through tough sets. Work with the lane to allow all the swimmers to finish to the wall so all can practice finishes.

Swimmers, a reminder when you are sitting in the bleachers and when you are getting ready before practice that you need to be very quiet. The younger groups before us need to be able to hear the coaches for instruction. Please be respectful of those coaches and swimmers. When the SRA1 group is not in the weight room, JRA1 should wait there before practice. When in the weight room, you are to sit and not be playing around. 

We are encouraged to see the JRA1 swimmers volunteering to help with the younger groups before our practice. This benefits both the younger swimmers, who really like the help from the older kids, and the JRA1 swimmers helping. Thank you to all the swimmers who have helped and are signed up to help on future days. Aaditi Vinod and Darrah Shuff have been helping out on JRB1 on a regular basis. Campbell Willard, Sammy Yerkes, Erica Kerner, Anthony Mortellite, Massimo Catania and Liam Broderick regularly get in the water to help with TC2. Meghan Finnegan and JD Moyer have also helped in the water with TC2. I hope I have not missed listing anyone who has helped, if so I am very sorry.


Parents, please make sure your children are dressing properly for this time of the year. We are seeing folks leave in sandals and flip/flops. They should be wearing socks and shoes along with coats and hats. 

Please make sure to get the swimmers to practice and meets on time. 

We have many meets this month and will need many volunteers to have them run smoothly. Please sign up to help if you haven't done so already. We will be required to supply workers at Junior Olympics, but will not know the positions until shortly before the meet. Once we get that out, please work with each other to spread the positions out as evenly as possible.


Casey Bednarek Feb. 2 Ryan Cortes Feb. 16 Emma Graser Feb. 6

If folks plan to bring birthday treats in for the kids birthdays, please remember that some swimmers have peanut allergies. Also, we ask that if a birthday falls on a Monday, we  celebrate on Tuesday. Monday nights are too late and the kids need to get home to get ready for the next school day.


  • At all meets 
    • ​​Only wear Wahoos apparel
    • Swimmers are to keep the team area free of trash. Use nearest trash can
    • Electronics use is NOT permitted on deck by the JRA1 group. They are to be engaged in the swim meet and with teammates

JW 1650 Meet Selection @ JW Feb. 3

  • Be at the JW at 7:50am
  • Swimmers will stay for all heats to help count for swimmers

JW Sweetheart Meet @ GCIT Feb. 9-10

  • 13-14 prelims - Be at GCIT at 6:40am
  • 13-14 finals - Be at GCIT at 5:05pm
  • 11-12 year old timed finals - be at GCIT at 11:50am
  • Swimmers who are very close to JO/Florida may wear a tech suit in those events only. All others wear team suit

JW 200 Fly Meet ALL @ JW Feb. 22

  • Be at the JW at 5:45pm
  • Swimmers will stay for all heats
  • We will have pizza after the meet until about 7:30-7:40

JW Last Chance Meet Swimmers with less than 4 JO cuts @ JW Feb. 23-24

  • Be at the JW at 7:45am
  • Swimmers who are very close to JO's may wear a tech suit in those events only. All others wear team suit
  • Practice for JO swimmers TBD (JO swimmers with 4 or more cuts will not be in the meet)

MA Junior Olympics @ York, PA Feb. 28 - March 3

  • THUR TIMED FINALS - Be at pool at 3:30pm
    • 13-14 at York Central High School
    • 11-12 at Graham Aquatic Center
  • FRI - SUN Prelims - Be at pool at 7:00am
    • ​13-14 at York Central High School
    • 11-12 at Graham Aquatic Center
  • FRI - SUN Finals - Be at Graham Aquatic Center at 4:20pm
  • Swimmers who make finals are expected to swim at finals
  • Relays determined at the meet


Ryan Cortes 100 LC Free 58.83


Massimo Catania, Ryan Cortes, Owen Gagner, Reachel Gallagher, Erica Kerner, Heather O'Day, James Tao, Aaditi Vinod, Maddie Waggoner, Campbell Willard, Sammy Yerkes


Ellie Davis has really stepped up her game in the new year. She has good attendance and has been working hard and working on making some changes in her strokes. 

Casey Bednarek has been doing a good job in January. She has good attendance and has moved into a faster interval lane. Casey also one of the swimmers that is taking advantage of the opportunity afforded to the 8th graders to do a day in SRA1 and is doing a nice job in those practices.

Anthony Mortellite  aged up into the 13-14 age group 2 months ago and has really done a good job. In January he has seemed to find his groove and has had some very nice practices. He has stepped up working on his underwater work recently. 

Massimo Catania moved to  a new, faster lane. He was a little reluctant at first, but has been doing a great job lately. Massimo has really come on strong in recent workouts and he has been having his best repeats of the year during his sets. He now looks fully comfortable swimming at the faster intervals. 


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Text messaging is the quickest way for us to get word out of important changes/messages. This is done through the Team Unify website or On Deck app or Mainset app.

Thank you to the parents that have verified their cell phone in the Team Unify system. We can send text messages to those accounts that have a verified SMS cell number. If you don't have one, log into your account, enter the cell number and carrier. You will get a text message, tap the link and you should see one of two possible messages 1)"Success! We have validated your primary SMS." (or "secondary SMS" if that's what you were verifying) or 2)  "Sorry, your primary SMS has already been validated." Sometimes just opening the text will verify the number, resulting in this message.

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The Hi Elbow Times was originally started by Karen Clemens in 1994.