As we enter November, we will really be focusing on interval training and hard kick sets. The swimmers need to put in a very focused effort in practice. We are asking the swimmers to read the pace clock and learn to get their repeats during the main sets. This is very important. It is a good way to monitor how they are performing in practice and makes it easier to tell if they are improving in practice set. As a coaching staff, we have really been trying to get the kids focusing on underwater streamline and kicks coming off the walls. We have seen improvement, but there is still much to work on in this area. The swimmers really need to continue to work on this area as the practices get harder. It is easy to do it when the practices aren't as hard. If they can get to the point where they are great with the underwater work at the end of a hard set, doing it at the end of a race should become much easier.

When we are kicking, the swimmers really need to work those sets hard. The legs are a very important part of swimming. They need to consider the kick sets as a main set. That is the type of effort we are looking for. We will be doing some timed kick test sets over the course of the year and look to see great improvement.

Swimmers, you are all here at Wahoos to become better swimmers and be the best that you can be. You can not achieve this being divided. We are a team, and we need to work together as a team. Try to be encouraging in practices. Challenge yourselves and others in a positive fashion. We don't want any negativity in the group. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything. Before saying or doing anything, ask if you would want that to be said to you or be done to you.


Thank you to all the JRA1 parents that volunteered to work at the Autumn Harvest meet. We appreciate your effort to help make the meet run smoothly. We cannot do it without your help. Please keep up the good work at upcoming meets.. Thank you!

Parents, please make sure that you get the swimmers to practice and meets on time. Swimmers should be at practice 15 minutes ahead of the start time. That will give them time to chat and get ready to swim. We understand that there will be instances that you are running behind, we expect that the swimmers will hustle to get ready in those instances. On Saturday mornings, we will get in the water early if the pool is open, so ALL swimmers should be here by 8:30am.

For meets, the swimmers should be at the pool 15-20 minutes ahead of the published warm up time. There may be instances where we ask the JRA1 group to be even earlier. At all the Wahoo meets, the swimmers must be checked in.If the swimmers are not presentk, they will get scratched from the meet.

There were too many people late on Saturday of the Autumn Harvest meet. The swimmers were asked to be at the pool by 7:45am. That is when we expect them to be there. Sunday was much improved and we want to thank you for making the effort to arrive on time Sunday.

Please note that each swimmer will develop at different rates. Please DO NOT compare your childs rate of improvement to that of another swimmer.


Erica Kerner Nov. 3 Jack Orr Nov. 16 Darrah Shuff Nov. 17
Anthony Mortellite Nov. 8 Heather O'Day Nov. 9 Kerry O'Day Nov. 9
Sammy Yerkes Nov. 22 Trevor DeSumma Nov. 14

If folks plan to bring birthday treats in for the kids birthdays, please remember that some swimmers have peanut allergies. Also, we ask that if a birthday falls on a Monday, we  celebrate on Tuesday. Monday nights are too late and the kids need to get home to get ready for the next school day.


Our 1st Smurf and Seahorse winners of the season go to Noah Serrano and Noelle Dragan.


Thanksgiving Meet @ GCIT Noc.  17-18

  • Be at the GCIT at 1:10pm
  • Only wear Wahoos apparel
  • Swimmers are to wear team suit unless close to Pittsburgh qualifying time or bonus time if you already have a cut (~1 second per 50 for 200 yard races and shorter)
  • Swimmers are to keep the team area free of trash
  • Electronics use is NOT permitted on deck by the JRA1 group. They are to be engaged in the swim meet and with teammates


No meets to report yet. Although we have had a few swimmers under the minute mark in a 100 kick for time

Massimo Catania 100 Free 57.17 Sean Li 100 Free 59.94
Henry McFadden 100 Fly 56.72 Maddie Waggoner 200 Free 1:58.70


Massimo Catania Henry McFadden Aaditi Vinod
Charles Derivaux Anthony Mortellite Maddie Waggoner
Owen Gagner Lianne Poblador Sammy Yerkes
James Tao

If there is a discrepancy with a swimmers attendance record, please let me know.​​


Adriana Lai has made a nice transition into the JRA1 group. She is getting stronger in practices and in October missed only 1 practice. Her good work paid off with a nice Swim-A-Thon, swimming 163.5 laps (4087.5 yards) which is a nice imporvement on her pacing from lat year. At the Autumn Harvest, Adriana had all best times, swimming the 500 free and 200 IM for the 1st time in a meet.

Charles Derivaux has been working very hard this season. He had 100% attendance in October and it paid off with a great Swim-A-Thon, swimming 198.5 laps (4962.5 yards). At The Autumn Harvest Meet, Charles swam to all best times, dropping nearly 10 seconds inhis 200 IM.

Maddie Waggoner is working hard in practice and is a leader of the group. She had 100% attendance for the month of October and that has helped her to a strong start of the season. At the Swim-A-Thon, she swam 213 laps (5325yards) in her 60 minute swim. At the 5000 yard mark, she was at 56min 21seconds (3.5 minutes faster than last year). At the Autumn Harvest meet, Maddie helped to lead cheers and swam well, breaking the 2-minute barrier in the 200 free for the 1st time.

Henry McFadden  is doing a nice job in practices and has been more consistent sofar this season. He had 100% attendance for the month of October , Henry swam 213.5 laps (5337.5yards) in at the Swim-A-Thon. At the 5000 yard mark, he was at 56min 20seconds (about 5 minutes faster than last year). Henry had amny best times at the Autumn Harvest meet, including breaking the minute mark in the 100 fly for the 1st time.


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