BJ Kraemer voted to lead the board as the next President of Jersey Wahoos

Bruce Brockschmidt
Nov 21, 2018

Dear Staff, Members, Swimmers, Parents and Alumni,

We wanted to inform you that Brad Glenn has resigned as the President of the Board and effective November 14th; I have been voted to lead the board as the next President of Jersey Wahoos.

We want to recognize Brad for over 25 years of service to Jersey Wahoos. Brad has given a lot to the sport of swimming as a swimmer, coach, professional and parent. His children, Erin, Robby and Tommy, all thrived at Wahoos and enjoyed successful college careers. Most importantly, we want to thank Brad for his hard work in identifying and securing our new Director of Competitive Swimming, Paul Donovan.

I am excited and humbled for the opportunity to work with the board to support our leadership team, staff and coaches in providing not only a top national swimming program but also a program that is co-curricular to the development of Student-Athlete-Leaders in our community. Youth sports is a cause near and dear to my heart. Any success I have had in life can be attributed to lessons learned or reinforced in the pool.

As an organization, we want to build a program that teaches our athletes the values of hard work, perseverance, the importance of possessing a healthy competitive spirit while showing compassion and support for their peers. If we are successful in teaching and reinforcing these principals we will provide a clear path for our athletes to become the best version of themselves. Our role as the board is governance and support. We are committed to supporting Paul and Ed in aligning the entire organization towards our mission: To develop and inspire athletes of all ages to achieve excellence in the pool, the classroom and the community.

We recognize there have been significant changes in the organization after 30 years of little change and the same leadership team. I assure you the board and our staff is committed to communication, accountability and excellence. We will hold ourselves as individuals and as an organization to the same standards we expect from our swimmers.

We wish everyone a Happy Holiday season and best of luck in the upcoming meets.


BJ Kraemer


BJ Kraemer takes the role of President after being on the board for the last 3 years. Prior to that, BJ was an assistant coach for Wahoos supporting the JrA1 group. BJ grew up as a Wahoo and swam locally for Pomona Swim Club and Cinnaminson High School. He went on to swim for the US Military Academy at West Point before serving 7 years on Active Duty as an Army Engineer Officer in both combat and state side assignments. BJ continues to serve in the US Army Reserves and is the Managing Principal of MCFA, a Project Development and Program Management consulting firm. BJ resides in Haddonfield, NJ with his wife Natalie and their 2 children.