Jersey Wahoos 

Water Polo Program


UPDATE:  Due to the current national COVID situation, and based upon the advise of the AWP regarding water polo in our region, please be advised that all Jersey Wahoos "water polo activities" have been suspended until further notice.  

This in no way impacts other aquatic activities at the club!


PROGRAM:  The Jersey Wahoos Water Polo Program is for young athletes {Boys & Girls ages 8-14}.  The program is split into a Fall session and a Winter-Spring session.  The focus of the Fall session is to teach the fundamental concepts, rules, and skills for playing one of the country’s fastest growing sports.  The Winter-Spring Session is for the more experienced players who want to compete in travel league games.

In 2017, Jersey Wahoos proudly introduced this exciting aquatic team sport to the Tri-County region.  Wahoos was South Jersey’s FIRST aquatic club to enter age-group water polo teams in the American Water Polo Association’s Mainline League.  The club regularly has its U12 and U14 co-ed teams participate in the Mainline League.  These teams play in three AWP tournaments where each squad competes in a minimal of 6 games.  The tournaments are hosted at locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania {generally no farther than 60 miles from our club}. 

NOTE:  Tournaments generally fall on practice dates between March and May.  

IMPORTANT:  The Winter-Spring Competitive Water Polo Session is for the more experienced aquatic/water polo athletes.  The AWP games each consist of two 18-minute halves and each team is only allowed a maximum of 7 players in the water at a time.  Players must swim and tread throughout the games without standing on the pool bottom or holding onto the walls, goals, or field of play lines.  Do not be alarmed, numerous substitutions and lineup changes are common in water polo!

While playing time is generally very equal among our club players during the regular practices, please note that less experienced players will likely receive reduced playing time in the AWP travel league games.  

Participants in the Winter-Spring Competitive Water Polo Session should try to attend all practices and games.  Additionally, all players are expected to be focused, committed to learning, respectful and supportive of teammates, coaches and officials, and demonstrate positive behavior throughout the season.  By doing so, our youth teams are sure to have a safe and fun time playing this awesome competitive aquatic sport.



Wahoos Session Fee {Required}:    $450 member / $530 non-member

AWP Membership Fee {Required}:    $50 per athlete

  • Each player must to secure a “Scholastic Athlete Single Membership” with the American Water Polo Association in order to participate in AWP league games.  See for details. 


Jersey Wahoos Team Uniform & Accessories:

1. Team Suits {Required}:     

  • Girls – Approximately $50.00   

    • Blue Speedo Avenger Water Polo One Piece… The high neck/zipperback design is made specifically for female water polo players. 

  • Boys – Approximately $30.00  

  • Blue Speedo Avenger Water Polo Brief…. The brief design permits better leg mobility.


NOTE:  Order at the club’s Sprintlane website


2.  Team T-Shirt {Required}:     

  • Stay Dry Shirt - $15.00 for Youth Large - Adult XL {$18.00 for Adult XXL}

  •  “Ultra Club Cool & Dry” Navy Blue shirts with team logo

NOTE:  Shirts can only be ordered by utilizing the SHIRT ORDER FORM located on the club’s website.  Submit completed forms & payments directly to the club’s office.

3.  Car Magnets {Optional Item}:   


  • Cost - $5.00

  • NOTE:  “Jersey Wahoos Water Polo” car magnets can be ordered at the club’s Sprintlane website .  This is a great way to show support for the Jersey Wahoos Water Polo Team!!!


The Jersey Wahoos coaching staff is really looking forward to another terrific competitive water polo season.  

Questions should be sent to Jersey Wahoos  at                   Click to Send E-mail .

Registration is open <Click Here> Space is limited to 25 participants!!!

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