Consistent year round attendance only with Lower Moreland Swimming
is vital to proper development, prevention of injury, and successful performance.


The coaching staff strongly believes, to ensure proper development, prevent injury, and to promote optimal performance, that select swimmers need to be moved into the correct group. Groups are mainly based on qualifying times, repeat practice times, commitment, age, level of development (physical and emotional) and ability. Swimmer analysis and placement is continually ongoing and may be adjusted throughout the year.


Lower Moreland Swimming 

2016-2021 Training Groups Criteria

*All group placements or group moves are the sole decision/responsibility of the LMOR Coaching Staff*

Beginner (“White”): @6 & Over who swim butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle legally. Commitment expectation: attend, in full, at least 2 out of 3 practices offered per week. This group designed to introduce the basics of competitive swimming in a fun learning environment [Fall-Winter-Spring: 3 Hours Per Week, Summer: 4 Hours Per Week]

Developmental (“Gold I”): @10 & Under. Commitment expectation: attend, in full, at least 3 out of 4 practices offered per week. Developmental Group is structured to prepare swimmers for competition participation and will continue to develop skills in all four strokes; increase in endurance training; daily stroke work; introduction to primary racing skills and situations; being a teammate; team pride; introduction to dryland training. [Fall-Winter-Spring-Summer: 4 Hours Per Week]

Competitive (“Gold II”): @10 & Over, with (or have the immediate potential to earn) Junior Olympic qualifying times. Commitment expectation: Attend, in full, at least 4 out of 6 practices offered per week. It is highly encouraged to be a current registered swimmer in USA Swimming. Swimmers will be introduced to endurance training with a strong focus on proper stroke technique and skills. Competitive Group swimmers build increased endurance with the ongoing stroke work shared equally in practice time; continuation of learning how to race; self-responsibility; being a great teammate; sportsmanship and increased dryland. Athletes should strive to participate in at least one USAS meet every other month of each swim season. [Fall-Winter-Spring-Summer: 6 Hours Per Week]

Junior (“Black I”): @13 & Over. Commitment expectation: attend, in full, at least 5 out of 6 practices offered per week. It is highly encouraged to be a current registered swimmer in USA Swimming. Entrance into this group requires a level of commitment in attendance, attitude and work ethic above what the athlete has done previously. Tougher level training both in the water and dryland begins. Proper technique and skills are a must. Entrance requires a high level of year-round commitment for age group swimming. The responsibility for one's swimming is now shifting to the athlete's responsibility at this stage/level of swimming; continued focus on the aerobic side of workouts with increased intensity and duration; continuation of developing race skills and strategies; being a team player; self-responsibility; sportsmanship; importance of nutrition and the increased importance of dryland in the weekly schedule. Athletes should strive to participate in at least one USAS meet every month of each swim season. [Fall-Winter-Spring-Summer: 9 Hours Per Week]

High School: Swimmers in 9th10th11th & 12th grades. This training group is for high school swimmers who want to improve their stroke technique and/or their conditioning level, but desire a more flexible training environment with less focus on the required time commitments of Black I or Black II (High School Training Group swimmers need to be qualified in one of these two training groups prior). The group’s main goal is to teach proper stroke technique and train on a higher level than one can achieve on their own and to prepare swimmers to compete for their area high school teams. This group offers another step for swimmers ultimately interested in progressing to the Black II Training Group. Swimmers in this group are allowed to compete in USA Swimming but NOT in the Suburban Aquatic League (unless they pay the entire Black I or Black II fee). This group practices during/with BI or BII+ practices and is only offered during Fall I[Fall I: 11.5 Hours Per Week]

Advanced (“Black II”): @14 & Over/high school. Commitment expectation: attend, in full, at least 7 out of 9 practices offered per week and be a current registered swimmer in USA Swimming. Entrance into Black II requires a special commitment aimed at success on the local level; ability to handle strenuous aerobic workouts; and proven workout attendance record. Purpose of the Senior Group is to provide athletes in the Lower Moreland Swimming program who possess the talent & dedication, and desire, and opportunity to pursue success at a higher level of competitive swimming. Individuals must have proven team spirit, positive attitude, attendance commitment and leadership qualities. Goal of 90% practice attendance. [Fall-Winter-Spring-Summer: @16.5 Hours Per Week]