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Our Vision:  You CAN get there from here!
Core Values:  Sportsmanship, Excellence, Leadership, Fun

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Interactive Saturday Afternoon Games for Maine Athletes!!!

Would you rather have spaghetti hair that grows back every night, or sweat maple syrup? Join other Maine Athletes and @KHOcoaching for Game Day...

By Mary Ellen Tynan

Fun Fact #17

In 1937 Bowdoin College hosted its annual Bowdoin Carnival meet and featured a national distance event race. The meet also included a dual meet...

By Mary Ellen Tynan

Mental Health Webinar in New England with Olympian Samantha Arsenault

New England Swimming is hosting the webinar: WAI We Rise: A Webinar on Athlete Mental Health The webinar is Saturday, April 17th at 4PM....

By Mary Ellen Tynan