All of the Athlete Representative Videos can be found HERE! Read their statements below!

Ali Bragg (PPSC): Hi, I’m Ali Bragg and I swim for Portland Porpoises! I have been swimming in Maine for seven years and with PPSC for four of them. From the time I started swimming, I have been able to see the relationships between athletes on different teams and within their own teams grow which has been an extremely positive change for the vibe on deck at meets. With my position on the Board of Directors, I hope to continue moving MESI in this positive direction by encouraging athletes to branch out from their own teams and make connections with other swimmers across the state. I have also watched the coaches form great bonds and partner together to make Maine Swimming stronger which is super exciting. Together, we can move Maine Swimming forward! 

Emma Butterfield (BYB): Hello my name is Emma Butterfield, I am 16 years old, and for the past 9 years I have been a member of the Bangor YMCA Barracudas. Swimming has played a huge role in my life and without it I would not be who I am today and because of that, I would love to become more involved in the Maine Swimming organization. I think I would be a good athlete rep because I have a lot of leadership experience and skills which I could apply to this position.

Emma Farnham (MMD): Hi, my name is Emma Farnham and I have been swimming for the Mid Maine Dolphins for eight years. Throughout this time I’ve not only learned how to be a better swimmer but I’ve learned so much about myself. The swimmers and coaches that I have met along the way have shown me how unique Maine Swimming is. While competing at different events throughout the year I get to see how all of the little things each person does helps to contribute to a successful swim season. If I were chosen to be an Athlete Representative I would help to spread information and ideas about how we can create more leadership opportunities and provide more experiences for swimmers to not only become better athletes but also well-rounded people. I would also use the knowledge that I hope to gain to provide more opportunities for swimmers around the state to help at local events. I would truly be honored to represent Maine swimming and to help our athletes excel and reach their goals in swimming and in life.

Ella Leonard (NYCY): Hi! My name is Ella Leonard, I’m 16, and I swim for the Northern York County Manta Rays. I believe that swimming is something that everyone should have the opportunity to do as it teaches responsibility and teamwork, and at the end of that day, you get a great family out of it. With this chance to be on the Board Of Directors, I would be able to offer up my ideas and encourage others to do so in a teamwork setting. I appreciate you considering me for this position, as it is an incredible opportunity and something that would be great to be a part of. I thank you for taking the time to read my submission and to watch this video. Have a great day!

Sadie Sullivan (MDIY): Hi, my name is Sadie Sullivan and I’m a sophomore at Mount Desert Island High School. I’ve been swimming on the MDIY Sharks Swim Team for twelve years. Growing up around the pool, I have made a lot of friends that I consider my family. If given the opportunity, I would love to give this chance to other swimmers around the state. My favorite part about swim is sitting behind the blocks for relays because you really see every team come together as a whole Maine Swimming group and as their individual teams. Thank you, may I wish you the best in your season.

Sadie Woodruff (PBAY): Hi everybody, my name is Sadie Woodruff and I have been swimming for ten years, five years for the Pen Bay Sailfish. When I moved here from Florida I never expected to meet so many people as passionate about our sport as I am. I would like to be your 2020 Athlete Representative on the Maine Swimming Board of Directors to help bring our community closer and inspire a new generation of young swimmers from across the state.