From the Chair: Zachary Mullin - zmullin@ymcaofsouthernmaine.org

Reporting Accidents:

Clubs should be making sure to report accidents, no matter how minor.  This is important for several reasons:

  • It puts USA Swimming and the club insurer on notice of accidents and potential claims,
  • The failure to report an accident might allow the insurer to deny coverage if a liability claim is brought against the club,
  • Insurance policies require prompt reporting of all accidents,
  • As a benefit of membership, USA Swimming provides excess accident medical insurance coverage to each member,
  • When the report of occurrence indicates follow up medical treatment, it triggers the sending of a claim form to the parents,
  • The Excess Accident Medical Insurance Coverage has a limit of $25,000 ($1,000 for physical therapy or chiropractic) in medical benefits,
  • This secondary insurance coverage can help members cover deductibles and copayments on their primary medical insurance,
  • Prompt reporting of accidents and the use of the excess accident medical insurance prevents liability claims against a club.  

Warm-up Procedures:

As an LSC we should make sure we are being diligent during warm-up sessions before swim meets- when most accidents occur. Marshals and coaches should be on deck during this time and warm-up guidelines should be included in meet materials beforehand.

Concussion and Hypoxic Training Information:

Concussion information and hypoxic training information is posted below. Clubs may also want to provide this information to staff, officials, parents and swimmers as well.

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