Records Fall at MESI End of Season Meet!

Mary Ellen Tynan

At the  MESI End of Season Meet today, prelims was held at the short course meter community pool and records fell!

First mixed relays had not been competed by MESI swimmers before in short course meter so in the first heat of the day, the PPSC team of Morgan Porter, Vanessa Napolitano, Ian Plourde and Sebastian Shield set the first Open record with a time of 2:16.78.  In heat 2, this record was taken down by the LRSC team of Evan Willertz, Haily Harper, Brandon Johnson and Olivia Harper with a time of  1:56.02 while the LRSC 15-18 relay of Cora Spelke, Sarah Palmer, Andrew Leighton and Keegan Rowe set that record with a 2:01.68.

During the medley relays, new backstroke records were set!   Evan Willertz (LRC) broke the 17-18 50 back record with a 27.78. The previous record was 28.91 held by Lucas Adair (PPSC) since 2013. Jadyn Arnold (KVY) broke the 15-16 50 back record with a 29.32. The previous record was 30.35 set by Brady Fluet (SMAC) in 2018. Rhyan Price (BYB) took down the 13-14 50 back record with a time of 31.04. The previous record was 31.99 held by Jessica Russell (LRSC) since 2009!

In the Girls 100 back, Olivia Harper (LRSC) set a new Open record with a time of 1:06.07. The old record was 1:06.22 held by Wyeth Spike (PPSC) since 2016.

Prelims ended with the Mixed 200 Free Relay which also had not been competed by MESI swimmers! In heat 1, the Open record was set at 1:58.53 by the PPSC team of Rami Bjotvedt, Vanessa Napolitano, Jack Carlson and Kate Gorsuch. . In heat 2 the record was broke with a 1:48.88 by the LRSC team of Haily Harper, Olivia Harper, Evan Willertz and Brandon Johnson. The 15-18 team of Jaehee Park, Cora Spelke, Aidan Saunders and Keegan Rowe set the record at 1:51.98.

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